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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. jdjfkdk I got it as if Holly was getting the short end of the stick
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  2. What The Constitution Means To Me
    The Prom
    Be More Chill

    And obvs......

  3. I hope this is still on in September when I go
  4. Education, Education, Education
    The Starry Messenger.
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  5. No wonder TodayTix sent me a notification saying Starry was £15 ddd
  6. I'll second @Baby Clyde's Hadestown recommendation. I ended up forking out over £60 for it when it was in London, the most I've paid for a theatre show, and it was worth every penny.
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  7. Thank you!
    It's so hard to pick with so many great options. I'll try to go to 2 shows. Whatever show I go to I'll report back :)

    I was possibly considering King Kong because of the spectacle of it but I've heard mixed reactions
  8. Everything seems to be super cheap at the moment. You can see almost any show for under £25.
  9. I'm seeing Frozen and Mean Girls while I am there next week.
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  10. Oohh!! Sounds fun!! :D
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  11. These are the ones I want to see. Going over in September and will try and fit them all in but pretty certain WTCMTM closes a couple of weeks before i arrive.
  12. I'm going to NYC in September specifically to see these shows.

    It's now been announced that apart from Hadestown they are all closing in August!!!

    Think I might cancel the trip.
  13. So I've fallen in love with Six.
    And since they've extended the run, I'm seriously considering flying over to see it for my birthday next year.

    Anyone interested in seeing the show with this lovely ol' Aussie?
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  14. DO IT!!!
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  15. I have front row center orch tix to Dear Evan Hansen in NYC in a week, I'm so excited!
  16. Okay so I had the BEST time at The Cher Show. It was so much fun, all 3 leads were great, but the current day Cher absolutely stole the show.

    Mean Girls on the other hand...
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  17. Oh no? Was Mean Girls not good? I’m obsessed with the soundtrack!
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  18. Seeing as everything else is closing it was one show I was considering seeing in in September.

    But maybe not.
  19. I saw Mean Girls last year and absolutely loved it!!
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  20. I mean I didn't hate it. I just think they've ruined a few of the characters, there are way too many songs and 3 of the actresses had really sharp voices. Not sharp like off pitch, sharp like not very pleasant to listen to.
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