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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. LPT


    Saw it last night and I felt the story was a bit weak. Why are all the bops cut in half whilst the ballads are performed in full ? Emilio was a dish. Made for a great night out but very much a tribute act with storyline thrown in.
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  2. I went to see the Amelie musical at Bradford Alhambra on Saturday and I'm pleased to say that it was really great. I was a little worried because it's one of my favourite films and the Broadway reviews had been middling but I loved it! I think it's changed a lot since the American version which I think didn't take enough cues from the film in terms of style and music.

    Grease tonight. My expectations are...low.
  3. Has anyone seen Made In Dagenham? I was recently in an amateur production of it and although I obviously didn’t get to see it I just thought the music was fab (Busy Woman, This Is What We Want and the title track are the best bangers if anyone fancies a listen on Spotify) and it was genuinely really funny. I felt it seemed much more fun and charming than the movie, which I definitely like, but is quite a bit more serious. The musical is just a bit of a classic British laugh. I’d love to see a movie adaptation with Gemma Arterton reprising her role because her voice is great on the soundtrack. It just seems a bit of a forgotten musical and a movie seems very unlikely !
  4. Decided to catch a final show on my last night in New York on Saturday and decided on King Kong. It's actually really good! The story was great, it wasn't overloaded with songs and it was visually stunning.
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  5. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    My friend is a huge musical fan and said the same, she suggested a couple of the songs being removed would make a huge difference and allow for more character development. She also said they'd softened the satire too, which is a shame. I do hope to see it some day.
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  6. Mean Girls is high key awful.
  7. I just saw Come From Away and I thought it was magnificent. Jubilant and heartbreaking in equal measure. Awesome songs. And I love that there wasn’t really any main character and every actor had a number of roles but every single persons acting was so good that there was never any confusion over who they were playing at any giving time. The storylines and character journeys wove in and out of one another seamlessly. I actually wept pretty much from beginning to end, if not from sadness then from

    It’s one of those rare musicals that made me feel like this story could only be told through a stage musical. A movie wouldn’t work and the music just complete complements the emotional journey of the characters and heightens the audience’s feelings. This is a story that feels as though it has to be told in this way.

    My one criticism is the set. Having recently seen Amelie, where the band were on stage but were very much apart of the performance, I couldn’t really see the reasoning behind having the band just plonked on the stage. I liked the trees but I felt the stage lights being visible on the trees detracted from their effectiveness a bit. I think a pretty bare stage with just the trees either side would have been fine.

    But yeah, brilliant show. Definitely would recommend it if you get the chance !
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  8. ainssssss yes, I saw Come From Away twice and I choked up during so many moments.

    The feeling of urgency through the whole show has you on edge and then it all explodes with

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  9. I saw Waitress last week with Lucie Jones and it was absolutely phenomenal. I was shocked at how great her voice was especially during She Used to be Mine.
  10. How was Ashley Roberts in it?
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  11. I thought she was pretty great actually, she has a relatively small part and she had natural chemistry with Blake Harrison.
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  12. MB


    I've seen they've replaced quite a few of the actors and can understand where you're coming from. I saw it with the original cast and loved every second and am still obsessed with the majority of the soundtrack but agree they could have cut down a song or two.
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  13. My seats for Dear Evan Hansen a few weeks ago... it was incredible

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  14. I was wondering more what she sounded like on 'When He Sees Me', it seems quite a difficult song to sing.
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  15. I went to see Six last week and my God, it's unlike anything on the West End stage at the moment. It's so fun, funny and clever and I was totally sucked it. It was brilliant.

    I also saw Equus which was the opposite of Six but still fantastic.

    So yeah, London worked out pretty well for me.
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  16. Yeah, she sort of speak/sung most of it, but she was able to hit the occasional bigger notes and her natural charm/comedic timing sold the wordy parts of the number.
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  18. Seen Book Of Mormon and Waitress today!

    SO GOOD!
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  19. I saw the current touring production of Equus a few months back and it was fantastic - one of the best pieces of theatre I've seen.
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  20. Assuming we're all talking about the same production of Equus, it was totally stunning. I read the play for the first time not so long ago and had been dying to see it and honestly it's hard to imagine a better production.
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