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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. The one that's on at Trafalgar Studios at the moment?
  2. That's the one.
  3. I assume they are using the Chicago cast?

    Just looked it and cast not confirmed but it's not the London queens.
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  5. Oops. Just realised, when we waited at the stage door to meet Ashley Roberts after Waitress, that I didn’t know who the Inbetweeners guy was. He did seem a bit surprised when I didn’t ask for a photo.
  6. Delusion...
  7. It's also going to Sydney

    And... to some cruises? ddd

    The creators really hit gold with this one and they were just signed to Warner:

    Warner Chappell Music managing director Mike Smith said “musical theatre is undergoing a global renaissance” and added that Moss and Marlow could be “at the heart of the new creative explosion”.

    “As well as writing and directing Six, what really excites me about working with them is developing them as songwriters for contemporary artists. We’re already bringing them into writing camps and see a terrific future for them in this area, as well as musical theatre,” he said.
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  9. So my next trip I want to organise for:
    Come From Away

    Anything else I should really see?

    The last visits were: Cursed Child, Woman In Black, Mamma Mia, Lion King, Waitress, Tina and Book Of Mormon. Also recently seen Jamie and Avenue Q. Seen Wicked and Les Mis several times... but nothing else recently.
  10. I want to see Six and Come From Away!
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  11. The Fiddler on the Roof production at the Playhouse is good, as is The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole.

    (Also Company closed in March, just so you know)
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  12. That’s a shame about Company.

    I’m slightly ashamed to admit that, as a 32 year old musical gay, I’m only just properly educating myself on Sondheim (and Patti LuPone as well).

    On another note, I was watching Chicago again last night and in terms of brilliant, memorable songs, it really is hit after hit after hit. I know that there’s a lot more to making a musical production great than just the quality of the score itself, but Chicago is pretty remarkable from that point. I wouldn’t dream of seeing it with the current batch of stunt casting though (Caroline Flack? Cuba Gooding Jr??)

    What would people in here consider the greatest musicals ever? Top 5/10? Stage or film?
  13. Controversial opinion time. I'm British, but I think British actors/productions rarely get Sondheim right. There are exceptions, of course, but something always seems to get lost in translation when you don't have American/New York actors and creatives involved. Although Sondheim writes for characters so well, there's an innate NY Jewish intellectual sense of humor laced through so much of his work, that I rarely see Brits get right. Even the stuff set in England, like Sweeney Todd.

    I was not a fan of that London gender-reversed Company revival even though I'm a big fan of the director and of Patti Motherfucking LuPone, of course. The score and the themes are so of their time and place -- it just sounds so New York of the late 60s/early 70s, like Sondheim's Burt Bacharach score -- that attempts to contemporize it always fall flat for me. It's a period piece and a great one at that.

    If you haven't seen it, @Itty Bitty Piggy , the NY Philharmonic concert performance of Company is wonderful and nearly perfectly cast with the aforementioned LuPone and a starry cast of musical theatre pros and gifted comedic actors. And to hear that score performed by [a large portion of] the NY Phil, conducted by Sondheim's longtime musical director Paul Gemignani ? Can't be beat.

    Edited to add:
    Just read that the London Company revival is going to open on Broadway next year, with LuPone returning and the wonderful Katrina Lenk headlining. Man, that casting might make me come back even though I wasn't a fan of the production.
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  14. This soundtrack is... excellent. They’ve updated the songs from the movie so we’ve got extra Beyonce, Rihanna, Gaga into the medleys ! I hope the show comes to London - although the movie suffers greatly from the Act II lull.
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  15. aux


    A friend of mine is saying it’s coming to London in early 2021
  16. Great news!
  17. Moulin Rouge was bonkers, in like the best way possible. I'm dying to go again. Act One is a TRIP.
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  18. dddd this was lowkey a mess

  19. Anything decent to see on Broadway at the minute?
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