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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. So last weekend I went to London to see a few shows.

    - Waitress was incredible, Lucie Jones does so much with the role, her voice is impeccable and she acts the hell out of it. Marisha Wallace was also great, was nice to see her in a comedic role after seeing her as Effie White. The guy from the Inbetweeners was also surprisingly decent, okay singing voice but nailed the comedy. We hand the understudy Dr. Pomatter and he was a SNACK.

    - Come From Away was also spectacular, such a strong ensemble piece and the cast do a great job playing multiple roles. Of course my favourite performance was Rachel Tucker who is my favourite musical theatre actress, her version of Me and The Sky just about ended me. There’s so much genuine heart to the show and given the subject matter is 9/11, it’s an uplifting story.

    - Adrian Mole, well, I’m not convinced this wasn’t a fever dream. That being said, I enjoyed it immensely and I’m glad I got to see it whilst it was there. The Nativity number towards the end completely sent me until I was crying with laughter. A quirky little musical, would recommend!
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  2. I didn't know Rachel Tucker was in Come From Away, I love her! *books tickets*
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  3. I'd drop the money and see Hadestown and Moulin Rouge.
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  4. aux


    The song list for the Max Martin musical, & Juliet, has been revealed. The original London cast recording is now available to pre-order, and they've released Roar as a single.

    1. Larger Than Life (originally Backstreet Boys)
    2. I Want It That Way (originally Backstreet Boys)
    3. …Baby One More Time (originally Britney Spears)
    4. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (originally Backstreet Boys)
    5. Domino (originally Jessie J)
    6. Show Me Love (originally Robyn)
    7. Blow (originally Kesha)
    8. I’m Not A Girl… Not Yet A Woman (originally Britney Spears)
    9. Overprotected (originally Britney Spears)
    10. Confident (originally Demi Lovato)
    11. Teenage Dream/Break Free (originally Katy Perry/Ariana Grande)
    12. Oops!… I Did It Again (originally Britney Spears)
    13. I Kissed A Girl (originally Katy Perry)
    14. It’s My Life (originally Bon Jovi)
    15. Love Me Like You Do (originally Ellie Goulding)
    16. Since U Been Gone (originally Kelly Clarkson)
    17. Whataya Want From Me (originally Adam Lambert)
    18. One More Try (originally George Michael)
    19. Problem/Can’t Feel My Face (originally Ariana Grande/The Weeknd)
    20. That’s The Way It Is (originally Celine Dion)
    21. Everybody (originally Backstreet Boys)
    22. As Long As You Love Me (originally Backstreet Boys)
    23. It’s Gonna Be Me (originally NSYNC)
    24. Shape Of My Heart (originally Backstreet Boys)
    25. Stronger (originally Britney Spears)
    26. Fuckin’ Perfect (originally P!nk)
    27. Roar (originally Katy Perry)
    28. I Want It That Way (Reprise) (originally Backstreet Boys)
    29. Can’t Stop The Feeling! (originally Justin Timberlake)
    30. One More Try (originally George Michael)
  5. I was at the world premiere of & Juliet last night and honestly it was a RIOT. The cast are so so talented, the production values are incredible and the songs truly are a homosexual wet dream. A Break Free/Teenage Dream mash-up? Gay rights!!

    The whole concept/plot is a bit ludicrous but it didn’t detract from how much fun I had at all. I’m going again Friday.
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  6. There’s some cheaper than usual tickets as part of its run, I’ll have to pop along when I get home.
  7. A mashup of Problem and Can't Feel My Face? I'm interested.
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  8. I’m going tonight, super excited.
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  9. Ah I hope you enjoy it as much as my friends and I did!

    I will say that at times it’s a little heavy handed when it comes to themes of queerness and some of the humour/dialogue is a bit cringey at times but it’s still great fun.
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  10. Hope that & Juliet and Moulin Rouge are planned for the West End as well
  11. They are, &Juliet opens in November! Nothing confirmed for Moulin Rouge but the rumours are it’ll appear after Pretty Woman leaves, so it’s a bit of a way off.

    &Juliet actually being good is wonderful to hear, I was worried it’d be as messy as Bat Out Of Hell.
  12. Apparently I can’t read - original LONDON cast was a bit of a hint wasn’t it. Oops. I just assumed it was Broadway.

    Although having just listened to some of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack I’m not sure about it. It looked good on paper but the lead girls voice is... not good.
  13. I loved it but I do agree with that. But man, what a show!
  14. This isn't the best time of the year as most of the new season won't even be in previews, but not knowing your taste or what you've already seen, these are the new productions I'm considering seeing on a work trip later this month. They're either in previews, recently opened or going into previews soon...

    • Betrayal. Revival of the Harold Pinter play with Tom Hiddleston, Zawe Ashton and Charlie Cox. Although it's been frequently revived, the production's gotten strong reviews.
    • The Inheritance. Broadway transfer of hit West End 2-part play. [Supposedly] this generation's great gay play -- the Angels in America of this generation, some claim.
    • The Sound Inside. New American play starring Mary Louise Parker that was very well received at Williamstown Theatre Festival last year.
    • The Rose Tattoo. Revival of classic Tennesee Williams play starring Marisa Tomei, who got great reviews for this same production, also from last year's Williamstown Theatre Festival.
    • The Height of the Storm. Looks like mainly an opportunity to see two great British stage actors, Eileen Atkins and Jonathan Pryce.
    • Moulin Rouge is the only new musical of the season thus far. It's definitely not for me, but it's gotten strong reviews and is supposed to be a sumptuous spectacle.

    Still playing from the prior season...

    • To Kill a Mockingbird. Aaron Sorkin's very satisfying adaptation of Harper Lee's novel. Great cast. Last chance to see Jeff Daniels who will be replaced by Ed Harris later this year.
    • Hadestown. Last season's Best Musical winner.
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  15. Ah I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s been getting a pretty amazing reaction from what I can see. I’m going again Friday and will probably book again before it leaves!
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  16. Everyone was laughing and singing and everybody was on their feet by the end.
  17. I saw Big last night at the Dominion Theatre and it's... not good. I mean, I didn't hate it but there are so many problems with it. Most of the songs are objectively terrible, the singing wasn't great by more than one cast member (not just looking at Kimberley Walsh here) and there were a lot of production errors.

    I was mildly entertained but I didn't like that they leave a lot of things unresolved, specifically that
    they don't show him returning to his parents after he becomes a child again.

    Oh, and I'd say the theatre was only at around 50% capacity, not good for a show that opened this week.
  18. I'm trying to convince pals to come with me to see &Juliet next weekend and nobody wants a weekend trip to Manchester.

    I need new friends.
  19. I mean, there’s no real incentive for actual theatregoers when the major roles are stunt cast by mediocre talents and it’s a transfer of a tour that wasn’t all that popular to begin with. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking when they booked it at the Dominion, which is one of the largest theatres in the West End!
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  20. I only went because I was mildly curious and they did a huge sale on tickets, I got stalls for £15.
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