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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. I'm off to see 9-5 The Musical next Thursday in Manchester. If I'm honest, I'm going more for the fact that Louise Redknapp is in it, as I didn't see her in the West End. But I have heard very good things about it. I haven't seen the film that it's based on so I'm going in with fresh eyes.

    There are a couple of musicals going on tour next year that I'm interested in seeing too. SIX The Musical and Mamma Mia, both at Nottingham. I like the idea with what they have done with SIX, and Mamma Mia to see how much it differs from the film version.
  2. I mean for £15 I’d have given it a go too! Shame you didn’t enjoy it all that much though!
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  3. My boyfriend paid for my ticket so I’m good regardless ddd.
  4. Can anyone explain why One More Try by George is in a Max Martin jukebox musical?
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  5. I saw & Juliet today and oh my god, it is insanely good! Everyone should go and watch it. Very funny and clever story, so much queer and POC representation and of course many bops and showstopping numbers.
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  6. It's not? Though admittedly, I did not recognise the song at all and can't actually find any trace of what it actually is anywhere. Maybe it's something Max wrote for the show?
  7. I’ve spent all day racking my brains trying to place it, but I don’t remember it in the show either.
  8. I know it was a ballad - it was when
    Romeo and Juliet were lifted into the air on that giant moon
    but I looked at a friend's programme and even the writing credits don't help. Also, the programme also lists out every song and it's artist but doesn't list out One More Try. That's why I feel like it's been written for the show.
  9. I'm literally going to NYC tomorrow (From Toronto) to see shows on Broadway. Just as I booked everything shut. The shows that are left all look pretty terrible. Got ticket to Hadestown and might go to that new Lin Manuel Miranda thing but don't quite understand what it is. A lot of the stuff that is on has either transferred from London where I saw it or purposefully avoided and other shows don't actually open until after I leave. It was just very bad timing.

    Will probably just wait until the day and see what TodayTix has on offer.
  10. Maybe look Off-Broadway, too? I think Hannah Gadsby's new show has been in residency.
  11. Finished tonight.
  12. Ah you’re right! That definitely isn’t George Michael’s One More Try so I guess it is something that was written for the musical.

    That scene also had my favourite effect of the whole musical, with the lovely little smoke bubbles.
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  13. Yeah, it's an original song for the show
  14. I saw Evita last night at Regents Park and it simply outstanding. A musical tour de force and so incredibly relevant.
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  15. London based theatre people I have a single ticket to Six for 6pm Thursday 3rd. I need to babysit my daughter and I can't get a change of date so PM me if you want to enjoy an amazing show for free!
  16. Fuuuuuck, I totally would have (I'm desperate to see Six!) but I can't make Thursday work. So kind of you to offer out the ticket though.
  17. It's okay boo. I'd rather someone got to enjoy it than no one.
  18. I have to echo this. I was holding out on tickets as it was a bit of an unknown quantity and jukebox musicals can rely on the songs too much. In the end I got a £13 ticket for middle of the Circle, reduced from £35, two days before I went to see it. It is well worth it though as the whole thing is so well considered. The plot has depth and feels almost Shakespearean in itself and the songs are well performed, often with individual lyrics sung by different characters. They do some interesting things with them too. Some are mashed up, some are surprisingly restrained. It wasn't like going to a concert which was my main fear. Don't get me wrong, it's still a musical with the dial turned up to 11 but it absolutely works. It looks great too, and very much reminded me of Six. Four of us went to see it and we all loved it. It's a lot of fun.

    As a bonus, as we left the theatre we were next to the stage door and got to meet Freddie, May and Juliet (who is an absolute babe). We could have met more but were very conscious they were low on time as they had another show to do in the evening.
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  19. So glad you liked it! I'm going London in March and was looking to see if I could get tickets again but they are charging way too much for a new musical... a lot of the dates aren't doing great
  20. That was also the case in Manchester. I'm pretty sure that there is already a ticket offer around for the London dates but otherwise it may be worth checking prices a day or two before just to see if they've been slashed like mine were.
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