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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. I didn't get Hadestown at all.
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  2. I just saw Big with Jay McGuinness and Kimberley Walsh. It was... good.

    The theatre was probably only half full which just created a bit of a weird vibe. I don’t ever recall being in a theatre that empty.

    I don’t know if was the script, the songs, the acting or the sets - or maybe a mix of everything - but something just felt a bit off about the whole thing. I can’t put my finger on it. I really didn’t like the staging. It looked cheap. I’ve seen amateur productions which had staging which looked spectacular and yet still simple and probably cost pennies compared to this. This just looked a bit naff and the whole show relied a bit too much on the giant screen in the background to create the scenery. For a big West End production I expected a bit more.

    Jay and Kimberley were both good. Not spectacular. Her voice is much more suited to theatre than it is to pop. But yeh. Didn’t hate it but wouldn’t really recommend it.
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  3. I know it's a huge hit and a critical darling, but it looks so twee and humorless.
  4. Totally humourless. Not twee at all but the songs are unmemorable and both leads incredibly bland. I didn't even realise it was Reeve Carney until after the show. Assumed it was the understudy.

    Admittedly I saw a matinee and hadn't got in until 4.30am the night before so nodded off through large portions but a really strange, incredibly literal retelling of the Greek myth set for some bizarre reason in a 20's speakeasy despite it having nothing to do with the plot and never being mentioned.
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  5. You sealed the deal for me. The 20s speakeasy thing also looks vaguely steam-punky as well. I just. I can't. I think I'd get my Liz Lemon eyes permanently stuck in the back of my head at this one.


    While not exactly musical theatre, has anyone seen Porgy & Bess at the Metropolitan Opera? The rare opportunity to see (and hear) Gershwin's incredible score at the leading opera house... perhaps in the world... is too much for me to pass up, but none of their 2019-20 performance dates align with my NY trips. Just wondering what early impressions are.
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  6. MB


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  7. I've got my ticket for when it comes to London!
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  8. Yep.Definitely a steampunky vibe. Some of the performances are great but the whole thing made no sense to me.

    Looked into this but it started the day I left I think.
  9. Thought I'd go to &Juliet for it's last day in Manchester. It's way better than I thought it would be but there's a couple of things which stood out for me -

    Domino seems badly written in and seemed just like an excuse for the song to be included. Also Blow seemed an odd song for such a big scene, considering none of the general public will have known it! Same with Show Me Love. It’s not that I don’t like those songs, just seems odd that bigger songs such as Stronger were cut down when the majority of the audience had a better chance of knowing them.

    Overall I’m not a huge musicals fan, usually find jukebox ones quite cheesy, but I really liked this and want to go again - the cast were all very talented and it was incredibly well written - on the whole the songs seemed to fit effortlessly into the storyline, but it didn’t seem like the storyline had to be written around the songs.
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  10. MB


    Ended up seeing &Juliet 3 times in the space of 2 weeks and it’s one of the best things my eyes have ever seen. Even the songs I didn’t really enjoy in real life like “blow” I ended up enjoying in the show. If any of you londoners get the chance then go see it, I’ll definitely be going next time I’m down.
  11. Does anyone know anything about a potential New York production of &Juliet? Feeling very left out.
  12. Half the original cast of SIX left the show on Sunday, so I've been playing the album non-stop since then and gosh it's so brilliant.


    I think it's a bit early. It hasn't even arrived to the West End yet (November, I think?).
    But being a Max Martin musical, maybe he'll rush things a bit.
  13. Keeping with the & Juliet theme, they released an official trailer!

    Making me want to watch it again!
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  14. I saw Wicked for the second time last weekend in London - still my favourite musical.

    My next trip I've got tickets for Come From Away and Book of Mormon. Super excited.

    Also just seen they've announced Moulin Rouge is coming to London in 2021!
  15. Yesterday I saw Groan Ups at the Vaudeville Theatre, the new play from the people behind The Play That Goes wrong.
    I would really recommend it if you enjoy a good laugh for it was very funny.
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  16. I didn't know they'd done another one. I've liked everything they've done so I'll keep an eye out for this.
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  17. You know, as a German I have a strong emotional connection to Starlight Express (it's been playing here for over 30 years now) and I was wondering why it has such a bad rep in the musical community? In most discussions it doesn't seem to be any more than a tiny blip on the radar.

    I went to see it again yesterday (after about 10 years) and I think that clichéd story and a few dud songs aside it's an absolute romp. The staging is magnificent, the costumes are fun, and having them race on rollerskates still makes it very unique.

    Here's some impressions from the current version of the show (it's been constantly updated but received a major overhaul last year):
  18. I’m off to Avenue Q in Manchester tonight, but I’m surprised that it’s not really selling well here? There’s a 5pm on Friday that...well, look at the availability! I know it’s a 5pm show which is an odd time but really?

  19. That is odd. I suppose it's a bit of a niche show, but that is quite poor. I love Avenue Q, I've seen it more than any other musical. I hope you enjoy it regardless!
  20. I saw it a few years ago in Southampton and the theatre was barely a third full. It's a great show but I wouldn't be surprised if they stop touring it after this national tour.
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