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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. I didn't love Waitress the first time I saw it, even though Lucie Jones was great, but seeing Sara in the show just made it so special...she really did a brilliant job with the music, it's the book and some of the direction that I'm not that fussed about. A Soft Place To Land is so beautiful, and of course seeing her do 'She Used To Be Mine'. Grab a ticket if you can, I might even go again.
  2. Bit of an odd one this but I went to see Night of the Living Dead Remix at Leeds Playhouse last night and it was one of the most mind-boggling things I've ever seen. It's a shot for shot remake of the original film but it's performed in real time. You have two screens up above the stage, one with the original film on the the other with the film being created on the stage in front of you. the choreography involved is just fantastic and the whole thing was just ridiculously clever. It's going on tour from February onwards and I highly recommend it.

    I've got a fair few other things coming up in the next few days. Absolutely Certainty? at Hope Mill in Manchester (on of my favourite theatres), the Gypsy at The Royal Exchange and then off to London to see Come From Away. No wonder I'm poor.
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  3. Do it, it's so worth it!
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  4. I saw Waitress last night not knowing much about it. I enjoyed it, though the second half was way better than the first. Sara Bareilles was phenomenal, and She Used To Be Mine was devastating.
  5. Looking at heading to 9-5 The Musical in the West End before it closes in May. Saw it in Manchester and really enjoyed it.
    Trying to find a hotel that doesn't cost an arm and a leg is difficult though!
  6. Tomorrow I get off the train at 1.15 and have Dear Evan Hansen at 2.30.

    What have the reviews for it been like?
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  7. It got a 5 star review in The Week which pulls together various reviews from different outlets. Generally been very well received.
    I enjoyed it when I saw it - expect a lot of emotions!
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  8. Thinking about seeing Waitress whilst Sara is in it.. do we know which performances she is missing during her London stint?
  9. What a strong cast it has, the songs are good and the plot, well, yes emotional with a couple of twists here and there.
    A lady behind me was sobbing during the end, I think I only welled up near the end of the first act.
    Highly recommended.
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  10. Prince of Egypt just premiered in London, I wonder if it's good?
  11. I hope they've got it better songs than the original has (When You Believe not included obviously).
  12. I've got tickets to see it in April - really looking forward to it. I've not seen any promo material but I'm hoping the sets are spectacular.
  13. Saw We Will Rock You tonight. Great camp jukebox fun.
  14. She's meant to be doing all the performances until March 7th.
  15. Saw the legendary Bernadette Peters in concert with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra a couple of weeks ago. It's ridiculous how amazing she still looks well into her 70s, still pouring that hourglass figure into skintight Bob Mackie numbers. My colleague and I were just a couple of rows back, too, and if someone told me she was 20 years younger, I'd buy it.


    Her voice also sounded stronger than it has in years, which was a pleasant surprise. The last two times I've seen her (a concert about 6 or 7 years ago and, most recently, in Hello, Dolly!) her voice was not in good shape. I'm glad to see that wasn't permanent. While she made some minor accomodations for age, she still belted out powerfully ('Being Alive') and her soprano remains her emotional heart -- when she starts hitting those head notes ('Buddy's Eyes' or 'No One Is Alone') it's like a moonbeam hitting you. She sang a wide range of material including golden era classics and, of course, lots of Sondheim. She was funny, commanding and deeply vulnerable. All in one evening. Some people are just born entertainers. As a child of the 80s and 90s who grew up on Bravo* airings of Into the Woods and Sunday In The Park With George, it was so nice to see that she's still got it.

    I know there are crazy talented younger actors working in musical theatre today, but I can't help but feel a little sad after a concert like this knowing that today's theatre doesn't really spotlight one-of-a-kind idiosyncratic women like Bernadette or Patti LuPone and their ilk. Today, it's much more about being a prescribed type and fitting into a "track" in a long-running show.

    *Yes, children, Bravo was once an arts channel.
  16. I saw Come From Away last week and it was such a good show. You totally get swept up in the whole thing and at 100 minutes it's all killer no filler.

    I quickly followed this with Dear Evan Hansen as a replacement for a cancelled Madame X show and I enjoyed it a lot. I have to say though, I found it a little...standard. I don't if that's the right word but I didn't feel like it did much new. The singing was great though and there are some good songs. It probably didn't help seeing it after Come From Away really.
  17. MB


    Saw Frozen on my latest trip to NYC as it was 2 for 1 tickets. It’s not a great show, the staging/effects and spectacle of it are amazing and the majority of the cast are great but something just doesn’t quite work, the new songs are all a bit dull and it just doesn’t transfer over to the stage that well.
    Also saw Mean Girls again and it’s still the best musical I’ve ever seen!
  18. 60 Minutes had a really fascinating behind the scenes look of the new Broadway production of West Side Story. I'm usually a traditionalist when it comes to the masterworks, but this looks (potentially) amazing. (I don't think there's a way to embed video from CBS News)

    And, as a bonus, Sondheim tells a funny story about some of the original lyrics he was... forced to clean up.

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  19. I’m off to see Ghost Stories this evening, I hope it’s as scary as everyone says.
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  20. 9 to 5 is such a fun show. Highly recommend! The cast was so much fun. I saw it when Amber Davies was in the show and was impressed!
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