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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. That's a shame especially since Lily James and Gillian Anderson are so charismatic and talented
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  2. I love Gillian Anderson in film and TV. I found her Blanche in Streetcar bizarre. It started promisingly, but she spent, literally, the second half of the play shrieking in an abrasive, high-pitched bray. It was... a choice.
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  3. I've been listening to the Cast Recording non-stop since it was released!
    I'm going late April, as want to see Louise Redknapp, Brian Conley and Bonnie Langsford in it, and before it closes. (I'm a bit annoyed though as they've just reduced some of the tickets by almost half price, and I paid £80.00 for mine!)
    I'm planning to see it on the tour of the UK as well. When I went to Manchester, I went by myself, and when I go to London, I'm going by myself again. I'm planning to go to Nottingham and take my mum, as I think she'd enjoy it!
    Whenever I talk about theatre shows, I always recommend 9-5. I really enjoyed it!
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  4. Gillian was by far the best thing in it and Lily was bloody awful! I'm sure she's good elsewhere and she was just badly directed but ugh.
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  5. Seeing the Australian production of Six tonight, let's hope they don't let me down!
  6. I was in Huddersfield on Saturday, seeing a duo of great gay theatre (the rest of West Yorkshire's theatres have failed LGBT+ History month otherwise). First up was My Night With Reg which was a really enjoyable play, just the right mixture of pathos and hilarity. The second was a new musical called Guy which is touring at the moment and was a delight! There were only four actors but the characters were great, the songs were fun and it covered young gay life in 2020 really well, especially in relation to app culture.
  7. I'm hoping to return to London in the summer and would LOVE to see Imelda Staunton in Hello Dolly. She's going to be incredible!
  8. I saw the Prince of Egypt and was so disappointed. The movie is so beautifully done, with a genuinely incredible soundtrack and voice work.

    The musical adds about 20 new songs and they're all super unmemorable and cheesy. My partner has never seen the film and could instantly tell whether it was a new or old song.
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  9. I’m waiting for a full review of The Prince Of Egypt from @londonrain !
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  10. I booked tickets for Jagged Little Pill broadway for when my boyfriend and I visit NY. After following it for so many fucking years it was time. I've heard decent-to-good things and I'm sure I'll enjoy the bops if nothing else. Cheap (...) seats but whatevs. Maybe we'll catch something else while there (end of March, start of April) too.
  11. So..... Six Sydney was absolutely incredible.

    Also stunning at a few of the queens wanting to see me again so I'll be hanging out with them at some point, ha.
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  12. Went to see the matinee of Be More Chill yesterday, I enjoyed it more than I thought it would toe be honest. The story line is trippy AF but the characters grow on you. The Other Palace is also a lovely little theatre. Also Blake Patrick Anderson is adorable.

    I'm wondering how long it is until West End shuts down given the Broadway situation.
  13. Sara had her last Waitress show last night so she can still travel back to the US.
  14. NOT JLP emailing me in the morning the other day with some phony “Coronavirus might separate us... but might it just bring us together?!” message hawking cheaper tickets before then cancelling entirely and trying to offer me a VOUCHER instead of a refund. As if.
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  15. Saw two plays over the weekend. One was Oliver Twist performed by a company called Ramps On The Moon who use a lot of disabled actors in their work. It was a really interesting spin on the story and it incorporated BSL into it in a really seamless way. I've heard such awful stories about audience members though. Several assuming it's a musical but more who have expressed shockingly ableist views.

    The second play was a A Girl In School Uniform (Walks Into A Bar) where certain sections of the play were in total darkness. Not a theatre experience I've ever had before...apart from the blackout during Viva Forever.
  16. I don't think I could handle a three-hour livestream improvised talk show from Rosie, but it's cool that she and her Broadway luminary guests helped raise more than $500,00 for the Actors Fund yesterday. This moment was very sweet. I didn't realize Andrew Lloyd Webber (72) and Sondheim (90!) shared the same birthday. They each wished each other a happy birthday in lovely fashion.

  17. Ha, that's great. The BBC repeated the Sondheim 80th birthday celebration at the Albert Hall the other day. It's now on I-Player. I've had so many plays and shows cancelled that I'll take any culture fix I can get.
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  18. This is terribly sad. A wonderful playwright and a lovely, kind man, to boot.

  19. The hunties over at the National are putting up one of their plays every Thursday, available to stream for a week. First one goes up tonight at 7pm.

    Sadly their debut one is James Corden's, but I'm excited to see some of the others pop up (come through Gillian Anderson in A Streetcar Named Desire).
  20. This sounds wonderful, but not Cordon, not ever.
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