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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Phillipa Soo singing No One Is Alone

  2. It's a killer cast, eh? I'm guessing the very limited run allowed them to cast it so... richly. I wonder if it can be profitable with such a short run. Or perhaps it's an unofficial trial run to see if there's enough demand to extend it?
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  3. This will live in my mind rent free for the rest of my days.

  4. Had a quick London trip last week and saw Cock and Moulin Rouge. Cock had no set, no props, no costume changes. Moulin Rouge had everything thrown at it, it was the total opposite. I love that you can do both in theatre. Something for everyone indeed. I enjoyed both shows too.

    I can't believe that I forgot to mention Hedwig and the Angry Inch! Did anyone see it? It was incredible and it was a role that Divina Di Campo was born to play. I do hope that it has a life beyond Leeds and Manchester.

    I saw a local production of Legally Blonde last night. I saw it in the West End years ago but I'd forgotten what a fun show it is. The songs are top notch. Honestly, I think it makes a better musical than film (It also had an adorable chonky chihuahua).
  5. The Tony Awards are tomorrow. Forgot all about that.
  6. Anyone ever seen Crazy For You? Got tickets to see it at Chichester, no idea what to expect but sounds interesting.
  7. Off to see Grease tonight. I'm not super excited as I am not fond of Peter Andre but we'll see.
  8. Caught Anything Goes in Manchester last night. Kerry Ellis was fabulous as she always is, but it was also clear the bigger dance numbers (Anything Goes, Blow Gabriel Blow!) really took it out of her. The vocal was still flawless but towards the end of each number the dancing definitely lacked a little sparkle. Not everyone can be Sutton Foster I guess!

    Still, it’s an excellent production and the whole cast were great.
  9. Off to see Six The Musical at Hampton Court tonight, and v excited!
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  10. The Funny Girl drama continues. Beanie is leaving early on July 31st.

    The fact that this post came within minutes, like damn Beanie’s announcement wasn’t even cold ddd

    It seems Lea Michelle is finally going to be Fanny Brice. Though I’ve seen a bunch of people on Twitter say they would love to see Rachel Bloom cast and honestly that sounds amazing so I’m low-key sad that isn’t likely to ever happen.
  11. I don’t think Rachel Bloom is beyond the realm of possibility, but yeah probs not for this announcement. Maybe in a year or so.
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  12. Having seen Beanie do Fanny, I think she was great. It’s a shame her run is being cut short but alas! If Lea gets the role then my partner and I said we’ll go watch Funny Girl again, so the casting announcement could be interesting!
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  13. I am fucking pissing myself
  14. Oh my god Tovah!! An icon, a legend! Would have even better to have Rachel Bloom as a mini Crazy Ex-Girlfriend reunion. Lea will be great I’m sure. Wish I could see this to be honest!
  15. Screaming at this Lea Michele news. We live in the darkest timeline
  16. BTG


    Feud: Beanie and Lea, starring Beanie and Lea when @RyanMurphy?
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  17. I had hoped we’d seen the last of Lea Michelle!
  18. Lea's awful but she'll undoubtedly be better than Beanie nn.
  19. This is Lea's dream role. You know she'll work her ass off to make it perfect and be as toxic as possible behind the scenes. I might actually go see it now.
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