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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hunterpoop, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Saved and Followed!
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  2. Ray


    Fourth paid production job in a row (I stopped producing/remix for free) AND remixes I've done got pressed on transparent vinyl. Which sold out in preorder.

    *dies happy*
    *comes back because is still waiting for Kylie to call*
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  3. Congrats
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  4. Cute
  5. Many people on here probably don't know, but I compose musical scores. It has been a long time since I composed anything, but recently I finally got back into it. I made a new score in one day. It's called Buzzle's Temple. It's kind of a ambient piece with a nice chill sound to it. -
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  6. I wait for your opinions
  7. I have an EP coming out soon, under the name Man of the Minch.

    The sound is a blend of pop, Celtic folk, electronic music and country influences - sort of Taylor Swift meets The Corrs meets Michelle Branch but sung by a man.

    Here is a preview of one of the EP tracks, the sort of electropop sad-banger PJ seems to like:
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  8. Love the instrumentation.
  9. I've written a lot this year! I thought it had gone out, I think downgrading my meds probably helped. I particularly enjoy the memorizing melodies part which had become a bit of a chore, I scrapped an entire album despite it having some songs I truly liked simply because those were songs I wrote way too long ago and I wanted something entirely new, to see if I was able to do it after a couple of uneventful years, so came a mixtape which I'm pretty satisfied with. The first demo album didn't have much success WHAT A FLOP but on my Bandcamp I've put an updated version of it, the mixtape is a lot more pop with bigger choruses and generally more upbeat than previously but has more of a theme behind it, as hints the first and title track. I'd say my fave is Siobhan followed by Edge of Truth. I also think the vocals have improved a lot, I just don't find them to work well when the volume is too low, might be due to the mixing. Writing songs is my most favorite thing ever, and it's basically the only way I have to be able to make any kind of contact with the world. Nice we have this thread!
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  10. Congrats. Respect to anyone doing their own thing and brave enough to share it.
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  11. I've been taking singing lessons to go with my now-acceptable guitar strumming, but teacher is really keen for me to perform, which makes me want to die. I cannot sing much above speaking volume if anyone else is there (bar her or/and my dog).
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  12. I remixed "Wolves" by Selena Gomez & Marshmello. Hurray.
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  13. Hi guys! So the first track of my EP went up on Bandcamp this evening with the rest of it being available from tomorrow. It's free! Would appreciate if you gave it a wee listen.
  14. If she can do it, so can you.
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  15. Congratulations. I gave the whole thing a listen and enjoyed it. 'As the Haar Turns to Dew' was my favourite - lovely instrumentation.

    'Wasting Time' is the sort of thing I would write myself, another really good song.
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  16. Lovely words! Thank you so much!
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  17. Anyone fancy playing A&R and being the Karen Kwak (the executive producer for Glory) to my Britney Spears (I wish)?

    I have a batch of demo songs I wrote and recorded from about July - to date that I'd love someone to listen to and help me choose which are any good, which suck, which need more work, which I should host online on my bandcamp etc.

    Let me know and drop me a PM.

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  18. LOVE IT! Really well done
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