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Musicians Of Popjustice

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hunterpoop, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Was feeling shy about sharing this, but Brandy "liked" it so....
  2. LOVE it!
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  3. I really like them.

    Wanna write some stuff together? I'm always on the look out for interesting instrumentals as I much prefer lyrics/melody and singing.
  4. That could be cool! I don't have many songs I've made so far (those two were 2-3 years ago apiece), but I could definitely try to ramp it up.
  5. Thank you! I've been hoarding a lot of drunken garageband sessions for years now. I think I'm going to finally share them this year. Here's a little Paramore/SWV mashup:
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  6. Please PM me if anyone here is up for collaborating.

    Really want to start writing new songs and would love to work with some of the talented peeps on this forum.
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  7. Oops another one... because Craig David, Xscape, and GaGa needed to be mashed up.
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  8. Just made this remix of Mariah Carey - H.A.T.E.U.

    Mariah Carey - H.A.T.E.U. (Beach One remix)
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  9. My teacher de la singing has given me Summertime to do - but I'm struggling to find a 'definitive' version. Anyone recommend?
  10. Will Smiths is probably the best to be fair.
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  11. It depends on how you want to sing it. I've used the Fantasia version as a starting point when I've performed it before, but that's because my voice naturally sounds more R&B.

    How about the Annie Lennox version?

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  12. Is there not a pop-rock version?
  13. Does this help?

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  14. Ha! I did try this version - wasn't keen. She hasn't specified what style she wants yet, only this it's acapella and "there will be key changes".
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  15. Does anyone have some hints and tips on how to write lyrics? I can never really come up with more than 8 lines before reaching a dead end and moving on to something else.
  16. Just read and read and read and you find some nice ways of phrasing things, then consult and build backwards.
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  17. this month's project... vanessa white x TLC x tinashe!
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  18. My band had our first headline show last night and we did a mashup of one of my songs and Alice Deejay...
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