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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hunterpoop, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. We've also just released a demo/live download - one of our own songs and a Kacey Musgraves cover.
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  2. Mh, it's not even music I made or proper DJ sets, but I really have fun doing mixtapes of the music I am kind of obsessed with and create little storylines, they are a bit of musical diaries, they are quite rough around the edges, but I have fun doing them, so why not share them.

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  3. The latest in my 90s mashup/drunken emo GarageBand sessions:
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  5. Up to You is great - reminds me of Pet Shop Boys.
    Hotel reminds me something too... It's almost late 90's/00's Jessie Ware style. It's fab!

    Great work @Via Infinito
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  6. Hey guys! I released my first song last year, and the video came out a couple of weeks ago. It would be nice to share it with you!

    Here is the video! It's in swedish but hopefully you still like it!

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  7. Congrats!
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  8. Cheers!
  9. Oh my god. The video is so expensive looking! Wow! How much did it cost?
    P.S I gave you a follow on Spotify :D
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  10. haha Hotel is interesting...It's a very specific story/fantasy I had in mind when I wrote it.
    I would say it's Fiona Apple mixed with Erotica-Madonna and Early Mornin' by Britney.
    But the song is literally about a drunken gay sex night with a straight friend that's closeted in a random hotel.
    (Deffo not autobiographical though)
  11. Haha it’s actually done with zero budget! I know the director and all of the people in the videos are friends or mutual friends! I’m independent so I have to do everything with my own funding or try and create without a budget! Fortunately I have lots of creative friends so it’s quite an amazing process!

    I’m going to check out your music today!! Will listen and tell you my thoughts.
  12. Beautifully done!
    The aesthetic of your video director/your vision is very on point. Congratulations!
  13. Nice work, congratulations.
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  14. This is the instrumental version of the album I'm hoping to finish this year: Born Within a Dream
    Lyrics available on there. Thanks to anyone who listen!
  15. Ummm hi.

    I’ve been itching to collaborate more and realized I’m an old member of a message board full of creatively-minded people who appreciate pop music on another level.

    I sing, songwrite, know my way around GarageBand, and some guitar. If you read my posts, maybe you know I love tons of genres - pop, rock, R&B, country, whatever evanescence is. If you want to write together or need someone to sing your song, or just want feedback... hit me up!

    Here’s some stuff:

    I sing some Bye Bye Bye here

    I have other covers and what not I can share too.

    Anyway, hi!
  16. Wow, and those are demo/unfinished tracks? You have a fantastic voice.
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