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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lennox, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Sam


    Thank you! x
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  2. @Sam make yourself a thread in the upcoming artists section, you deserve it and it would be great to keep up in future there.
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  3. Isn't that the point of this thread? Otherwise everyone making music would just end up creating their own music thread, clogging the forum up unnecessarily.
  4. But CMP's actually feels like an era, ddd. Do both!?
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  5. Sis...
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  6. Not this from the person who made a new thread every time he opened GarageBand.

    Sam I love the song diva x
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  7. I've never used GarageBand but, whatever.

    Yes, I've opened a few threads in the past relating to my music and been shot down for it by people such as yourself who enjoy a bitchy snipe to get through their day. So I guess I'm not allowed to have an opinion on the subject now?

  8. kii.
  9. Not the little Samonsters ganging up on people already
  10. While you're arguing stream me too

    My new one 'Electricity' is almost done.
  11. And me!! x

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  12. So I made something for Carly Rae Jepsen's EMOTION karaoke thing. I knew I wanted to do Your Type, but I also didn't know how. I taught myself the chords to play on my keyboard (I don't know how to play piano, but I'm learning!) and created my own instrumental. I actually like how it turned out!

    The video is dorky but I needed something to submit.

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  13. This production is so *chefs kiss* did you do it yourself?
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  14. Thanks so much. I didn't produce the instrumental - I work with an amazing guy who does this. I produced the vocals though. Appreciate the feedback x
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  15. Awesome work!
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  16. It's cute.
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  17. Here's my new demo, 'electricity'! I know that the sentiment is cheesy but I'm a Katy Perry stan okay dddd

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  18. This is great! You should get this properly mixed and mastered, I'd have it on repeat! Really enjoyed it x
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  19. My latest track is up...a personal one. Feel free to have a listen x

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  20. Sam


    I really just don’t know what to do with the album I’m releasing. Like, I’ve got the three tracks I’ve already released and there’s another 4 ready to go, but I need to re-mix and re-master one of them (since I taught myself how to), and the other 3 are amongst some of my favourite things I’ve ever done, but I’m just so full of doubts?

    Like, my day job is picking up and I’m really busy at the moment, so I’m finding it hard to find time to actually work on what’s left between moving house and having a social life and generally just living.

    And then it just gets to the point to, like do I even have the audacity to release an album? A few songs is fine, and I’m so, so proud of what I’ve done and put out and the reception has largely been so positive overwhelming, but sometimes I feel very much Ally-Maine-lying-in-the-bathtub-pre-album-release-doubting-everything and ugh. I don’t know.

    This is what I want to do. I feel like it’s something I’ve found I’m good at, top to bottom, and I would die to build a career out of this, but I’m also very aware that I’ve chosen the absolute worst time to start all of this without the ability to get out there and showcase my shit to a live audience (no open mic nights to be had!) and it’s just all like, am I wasting my time? I really don’t know. I love writing music, I love translating those lyrics to chords on my piano, and then to chord progressions and MIDI files on my laptop and then teaching myself how to actually make the sounds in my head, to then actively teaching myself how to engineer them into a listenable package and then mastering it into something I can really say I’m so excited to release, but like ... I dunno. I feel like I have imposter syndrome because I’m self taught and self-just-everything.

    Anyway. This was pointless but I needed to get it off my chest. Ugh
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