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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lennox, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. I love this!

    Not pointless, and I dont really have the brainpower to engage on a fuller level right now but know that I spent YEARS in this place doubting and second guessing everything I did and it did nothing but stop me from actually putting stuff out there. Admittedly I must have needed the time to grow but there was little benefit to the questioning, and you've already proven that in putting stuff out you are connecting with people. It sounds like you've just forgotten what made you release that first song, what keeps you going back to those keys in the first place. Its perfectly fine to have smaller goals in place of a bigger dream and your album is that goal! Get yourself to that point, relish in your accomplishment but most of all try and stand by yourself and do things FOR you
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  2. Just take your time, don't put pressure on yourself and do it with love. Enjoy the process and have fun with it. You are very talented, and there's no harm in putting bits out there without being able to promote/gig, it will grow your followers/listeners and you'll get more feedback to learn and grow from. Enjoy it!!! Music can be all consuming, so just breath and take it a step at a time.x
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  3. I just recently realized this thread exists (hello everyone!), so forgive me for jumping in, but:

    It's not "audacious" to put music out there...!!! Think of it this way: you are putting in the EFFORT to do this. That alone affords you a TREMENDOUS amount of respect, whether someone thinks its shit or not!

    I don't know about you, but every time I write something, I am obsessed with it for like, a month. Then comes the inevitable dark period of thinking it's utter shit and the worst thing ever recorded, and...eventually I come back to "You know what? This isn't half bad."

    This doubt plagues ALL of us!!! But don't listen to that little nagging voice. If you love what you're doing (and it sounds like you do!), KEEP DOING IT. Do it for yourself...others will follow :)

    On that note, I just released a new song :) it's a bit "summer vibes" for September 1, is many things at once, isn't it?

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  4. Before sharing my new project "UNLIVED" which I've worked on this past year, I wanted to turn the spotlight on my previous two albums in a little less low-key way than previously. I've long wanted to do this and it's after a rough period this year that I came back to them and my passion for them was reinvigorated. I'll share them and suggest which songs to try out first. Thank you for listening if you do.

    Born Within a Dream | (2019)

    Recommended first listen: 'Psych'
    Highlights: 'Borrowed' | 'Comet' | 'Propitious' | 'Repaired.'

    For the longest time I've felt the end was always near, and it wasn't the finest years so when it came to ending this era of my life, I looked back on what came of it and realized that unknowingly this whole feeling became the accidental theme of this album but the results are not as pessimistic as this idea.

    Fluidity of Reality | (2018)

    Recommended first listen: 'Siobhan U'
    Highlights: 'The Highway' | 'Under the Moon' | 'Young Breaths' | 'Edge of Truth'

    "Fluidity of Reality" revolves around the many questions I asked myself about life, identity and the universe around 2017. This one is even more very important for me as I made it after a few years of not really writing much, and it helped me believe in myself again. Also, the synths I composed for each individual song are meant to represent the song's theme (track #1: space, track #2: the sound of a highway, track #4: the sound of time going on out there in the universe, track #5: the drone-like sound the sky would make, etc.)
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  5. Dropping my favourite song I've done so far!

    A kind of Hellogoodbye vibe I thought. I'm thinking of putting them onto an EP for Spotify. What do you all suggest using to get it up?
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  6. I have used CDBaby for the two tracks I've put out, but honestly both times the scheduling of the release ended up being a mess. A good friend of mine who has been shepherding me through the process (he's actually VERY good, give him a listen!) has suggested TuneCore and I think I'm gonna switch to them for the next single.
  7. Thank you!
  8. I'm currently working on an album. I'm done recording vocals and I'm currently mixing. It's easy to get discouraged by the fact that with my limited resources, it's never going to sound the way I want it to. I really love the songs I've written and the instrumentals are kinda fire, but the songs are not going to reach their full potential because it wasn't recorded professionally. It sounds good but I want it to sound great.

    Also, the songs are overwhelmingly sad and I'm kind of afraid people who know me won't want to listen for that reason. But I can't fake happy songs. It's just not where I'm at.
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  9. Also, I plan to listen to you guys' stuff. I need inspiration to finish this album because I'm just feeling really down about it.
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  10. Im really excited to hear, do you have some older ones for me to listen to? I completely understand you, but I think if they speak to you then you have to just stand by them. I popped a song up dedicated to my rats that had passed and nobody engaged with it, but it felt good to get it out.
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  11. Just keep going and do your own thing. Not all music has to sound the same or be produced to the same level. There's a lot of ''lo-fi'' stuff out there and if a song is good it's good. Don't focus too much on trying to make it perfect just make sure it's something you're proud of.

    Good luck with it. It's not always easy making music on your own and then putting it out there for others to listen to and give feedback (or in some cases criticism). But it's always so amazing to have that feeling after you've written a song - that sort of "wow, this never existed until now and I've just created it and now it does" moment.

    I'm not the best song-writer, singer or producer but I do love making music and writing songs. I continue to do it because it's hard to stop. I feel I get a little better each time so that's reason enough to keep going. So, good luck to you and feel free to share some stuff here.
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  12. Sam


    Yeah the whole thing is a learning curve. When I listen to some older stuff I've done it's almost unbearable to hear things I would do differently now.

    I've started mixing and mastering everything myself, and it's overwhelming, but it's far better than handing over control to some guy I used to pay on Fiverr to do it.
  13. I will post some stuff soon. I would just link my demos from Instagram but I took them down because I'm working on the final tracks.
  14. I do. I'll probably temporarily post a demo or two!
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  15. The amount of time I handed production duties over to someone else and regretted it.........
  16. My latest track has just gone up. A really personal track about my personal experience of homophobia growing up... And co-written with a friend who faced a lot of racial prejudice. There is hope in there though!
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  17. Sam


    Finished my album omg
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  18. This thread looks very lovely and sweet!

    I've bee writing songs ever since I was 14 because... I've spent most of my life in silence and writing was the best way to sort my thoughts out. But it took a long way to learn how to produce anything and just recently I actually learned about scales and chords and so on and it feels so... empowering. To learn how to make it all sound harmonic. Especially out of any support, away from any musical instrument because they wouldn't get me anywhere or... anything, according to many. Funny, I don't really enjoy "producing" music because it feels draining. By the time I get a beat, I just don't feel like there's anything left of creativity to write. Been like this for some time now, but I'm trying to work it out.

    I used to have this "I want it to be great" "it has to be flawless" but I realized that I also don't\can't do all by myself and maybe these demos can just find their way and bring new people into my life that can somehow help. I don't know, still trying to sort it out and fight agaisnt this useless fear. I love music. And there might be people who actually love these songs too, but I need to finish them then.

    Hopefully I'll bring something to Popjustice too and happy to see the talent over the last pages.
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  19. Sam


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