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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lennox, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Jake, you sound GREAT!!! And the verse melodies are giving me some Taylor teas, meets that 90s sound you love. Well done you!!!

    ....and in what appears to be an unintentional Popjustice Britney/Xtina situation, I coincidentally released my new song today too lol.

    It's a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere," with a chill-pop vibe. Plus a couple of remixes. If anyone is so inclined to give it a spin:

    Wow...Jake, me AND Bieber? What a new music Friday!
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  2. CHRIS! I just got chills listening to your cover. You sound incredible and I love your interpretation of the song. You really take the original melody and pull it in a beautiful direction. Plus two club-ready remixes already ready to roll!? I am so impressed and proud. Huge congratulations. Bieber could never.
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  3. Awww, a regular PJ lovefest!!! Thank you. Once we're vaccinated we have to plan our Justified/Stripped tour.

    Though it will probably have to be a Stripped/Stripped tour because I'm not gonna be Timberlake.
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  4. Thank you so much for saying that! I love that people get "warm" from it because I do as well, and exactly what I hoped.

    Do you have any recommendations on places to send it? I've gotten some great shoutouts from queer music accounts on Instagram but I also am kind of at a loss for how to promote, where to pitch, etc. I did a Spotify playlist pitch but I have no idea if it made it anywhere. I assume not...?

    But yeah, if you or anybody else who's active in this thread has ideas for promo, I am all ears!
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  5. Curious if we have any producers on the forum that specialize in garage/early 2000s soundscapes? Seeking a producer for an upcoming dance project.
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  6. Not a musician, but I like to make beats and noises for fun/hobby/therapy.

    I made an 'EP' this year, first time I have tried to make anything musical in about 12 years. Inspired by dub-techno, instrumental hip hop, etc...

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  7. Sounds very filmic in parts. I like.
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  8. Thanks, I can't sing at all so I often use dialogue from cult movies.
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  9. I have a new track just added to streaming if you fancy a basic bop...
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  10. So discouraged about my album. Who wants to listen to 40-something minutes of my pain via unpolished vocals? Whenever I discuss my music on Instagram, people parachute out of my stories without considering how that will hurt my feelings. I listen to the album and I really like the lyricism and instrumentals but the misery in the words is almost claustrophobic. But I can't write about anything else. My life is so relentlessly lonely and painful.

    Anyway, here's some lyrics:

    Your role has been picked out for you
    Exotic child
    Living in your solitude
    Between the city and the wild
    Attuned to your footsteps
    Get tired of your heartbeat
    One day a different sound
    You hear the rustlings all around

    You saw the hunters and you came anyway
    Dance in the clearing, hoping they will take you

    The soul is so foolish
    And it will always be foolish
    Can’t save it from its delusions
    The soul will be foolish
    And it will always confuse you
    What’s real life?

    They’re never gonna love you
    Exotic child
    Don’t have eyes to see you
    They’re willfully forever blind
    Attuned to your footsteps
    Counting your regrets
    They say the circle will come around
    You think that you’ve been found when

    You saw the hunters and you came anyway
    You dance in the clearing, hoping they will take you away
    And save you

    The soul is so foolish
    And it will always be foolish
    Can’t save it from its delusions
    The soul will be foolish
    And it will always confuse you
    What’s real life?
  11. Sam


    sis you will find your audience!!! This uncertainty will pass. I went through 3 months of it before I got over myself and decided to finally put out my record. Did it smash? Was it a hit? Absolutely not but did I keep promoting it and submitting to playlists? Of course I did. And now I’m sitting at 10k collective streams on spotify and have booked my first ever live performance at a local festival in august. And now I’m in a much better position for my next release

    basically don’t give up. You will find your niche and your fans and your groove x
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  12. Unveiling:

    Rules of a New Science
    (Bandcamp link)

    Genres: Synthpop, New Wave, Dream Pop, Darkwave, Glitch Pop, Industrial Pop


    1. All My Friends Are Electric
    2. Every Exclamation Has Its Nation
    3. Awkward on the Dancefloor
    4. I'm the star of that show
    5. My Wounds, They're Ready to Bleed Again
    6. Crime & Opportunity
    7. Marry the Music
    8. We're Living for This Moment
    9. The Guru

    The Guru

    I'm the star of that show

    Marry the Music

    A few quick words on the album:

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  13. I hate ProTools so fucking much. It feels like you have to jump through so many hoops to do simple things.

    On another note, I feel that if my vocals matched my lyrics game, I would be unstoppable.
  14. Sam


    Logic is where it’s at
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  15. Some lo-fi, DIY 'songs' I made for fun in the last couple of months.

    Most of the time was spent learning how to use the program and mixing. I'm far from a musician, but I like to make beats and sounds. After 2020 I felt like doing something creative, it's good therapy and it makes me appreciate real producers who have amazing talent! Used corrupted WAV files from the game Plants Vs Zombies, samples from cult movies, etc.

    I did the artwork and photo as well.

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  17. I really want to finish my album "Chasing The Promised Land" and get started on working on a project that explores my trauma with more depth and a darker soundscape.

    But I'm still struggling to get the vocals to sound how I want them to and I decided to add two more songs to the record.
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  18. My debut song comes out this Friday!!! Eeeeeee

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  19. Sam


    Sounds good!!

    I’ve started writing music again. CMP2 incoming x
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  20. Eeee! My first release
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