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Musicians Of Popjustice

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lennox, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. I like this a lot, especially the very vibey production! Has a bit of All Saints to it.
  2. Thank you! I can never quite pinpoint what my sound is so I'll add All Saints-y to the list hehe
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  3. Sam


    omg I didn’t even clock the username change. Can’t wait to give this a spin!!!!
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  4. It just crossed 100 streams and I'm feeling SOLAR POWERED
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  5. More than one of those were mine.
  6. Hope to do the same for yours too soon!
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  7. Sam


    I’ve decided to take on the monumental task of teaching myself how to use Ableton. Please keep me in your prayers.
  8. When I was 13 (20 years ago bloody hell) we studied the poem The Lady of Shalott at school. As a baby gay I was living for the drama of the poor woman cursed to stay in a tower and eventually losing it and leaving the tower to flee to a hot guy and dying in the process, and as a young pianist decided to turn it into a mini musical. About a year ago I was rifling through some old boxes and found my Lady of Shalott folder with all the music in it.

    One thing I've had in my year of unemployment (LOL ugh) is plenty of free time, so most days I've spent an hour or two turning baby gay madgemad's little piece into a recorded work. Ideally it wouldn't be me singing the majority, but alas it is difficult to book a choir without a budget! Thankfully I begged some friends to sing a few solo lines.

    The poem is 19 verses, so it's essentially 19 short songs stuck together that don't really have the time to develop... but I've recorded it for young me and I'm pretty proud of it!

  9. Not sure why we haven't done this before but if you have music on Spotify, can you post it so I can make a Popjustice Creators playlist? I will go through the thread again when I have more time.
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