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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lennox, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Sam


    Omg it’s over. Most exhilarating half hour of my fucking life. My heart is so full ❤️

    I’ll post video when I get it x
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  2. It's out!!! Quite nervous about this one

  3. Just released the video for the lead single off my album "The Tide is at the Turning" which came out a couple of weeks ago. Features an actual mermaid (?!?).

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  4. Well, I went ahead and wrote my own theme for No Time To Die.

    I really tried to do Dame Shirley proud on that last note :)

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  5. Might as well post this here:

  6. While my band is working on getting some of our music out (#watchthisspace), my friend dropped a new solo song today and would really love it if you all took a listen!

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  7. I wrote this song, then my friend re-produced it and we found a very talented singer to record it. It's still in demo stage and needs some tweaking with lyrics but let me know what you think:

  8. In October I've finished a new album called 'Nomads on Meds' about sleep and mental health. Putting myself back together after an exhausting breakdown last year has been really hard but thankfully it's inspired me. I'm putting a new song every month on Bandcamp and this is the last one I've put called "Alien" which I think lives up to its name and continues structure wise what I have been doing since the last album with the choruses in two different parts / post-choruses. This will be the album artwork which I hope you'll like, mixing pictures I'd taken long ago in my favorite place on Earth, yes I couldn't help but bring back the trees, I'm so tired of the city!

    Last album I put on streaming services back in July and it's made my year, the 9th song called "The Guru" about life in a cult is one I really think anyone can enjoy listening to, and "Marry the Music" too. In the past four years I've made five albums and this one felt a bit of a miracle that I was able to push the pain away in the state I was in, it kind of shaped my recovery, and I went in wanting it to have songs with a more complex, intricate structure to fit what I was going through and I'm happy with the results, it's the most new wave going album I've made, the upcoming one is very different, much more dream pop. On Spotify etc...
  9. I did a performance last year for a digital drag/art show called SENSUALITY and I finally threw the video online:

    Got a new record coming out, like, as soon as I finalize the artwork.
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  10. Aaaaand my band's first two songs are out!

    I would love to hear people's thoughts so don't hestitate to shoot them my way x
  11. I've always loved this song, and lately I've been writing more rock-leaning songs. It was fun to recreate the backing vocals and mixing of the original with a more acoustic backing track I found. Here's my take on December by Collective Soul.

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  12. Sam


    Splurged on some decent kit recently, and things are starting to gear up again for me. I'm so, so excited to see where this goes
  13. Love love love love! 'Closer' gives me Ralph Nintendo amazingness. God I'm getting Katy Perry, Postiljonen, Ralph... so many different vibes!
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  14. Brilliant. Can't decide what I love most between your voice, writing or the track.

    Going to go through everyone else's on the page very soon!
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  15. Also got featured on a compilation of covers of my favorite band:

    Proceeds from the compilation go to Gendered Intelligence, which is v cool.
  16. Gonna bump this again...

    My album is out:

    I started writing this record in 2018, so it's surreal to actually... have it in the world. I'm really proud of it though.
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  17. Congrats
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  18. Sam


    super excited about this one
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  19. Oooh, I dig that beat Sam!
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  20. Since I’ve STILL never managed to track down the Aloud’s version, I’ve gone and done a cover of “Wicked Game” myself…hope you like it, it’s a fun dancy version:

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