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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by robertmm, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. I thought I'd create a topic for Mutya since she doesn't seem to have one already.

    Apparently she won't be releasing her second album until 2010, but I think it's very understandable that she wants it to be perfect before she approaches labels, and eventually launches it. Here's what she's quoted as saying:

  2. I haven't seen anything from Celebrity Big Brother, but I read that she walked out - I don't know why though? Could someone tell me the tale, please?
  3. She stayed in the house for two weeks, but she missed her family too much to remain in there for the final week.
  4. i think we was just missing family and extremely bored etc, i thinnk she actually came across quite well, very uncontroversial, but a nice lass.
  5. I would say 'thanks for answering my question!' but the rules don't allow me to post that alone, so...

    ...anyone else think Real Girl showed promise but didn't 'quite' deliver? I'd really like her to make some great music since she's got a great voice. I liked Song For Mutya the most, but in a way I hope she doesn't return to such electropop, but makes something a bit murkier. I really liked Strung Out, but I think she hated the production of it.
  6. I had a very negative perception if her until I saw clips of her on that show. I stand corrected.
  7. What lacked with Real Girl for me was the fact that there were such amazing demos from the album sessions that didn't make the record, even though some were better than that of the final product.
  8. Strung Out, Just A Little Bit, Song 4 Mutya & B Boy Baby are all fantastic. But the best song on the album is Real Girl. Love that one.
  9. The Paperbag and Strung Out demos were far superior to the album mixes.
  10. I want to hear "Call Back Or Drop Dead" so bad. It sounds brilliant.
  11. Me too! I have the demo of Not A Love Song, but the vocals are by a session singer.
  12. And how is it?
  13. It's a crunk track, and it's what Real Girl (the album) should have been basically.
  14. Oh boy. Well the album felt a little too down. It needed more Real Girl's. (The Song)
  15. i really wasnt keen on real girl, song good songs but its like they just gave her some sugababes songs. i wanna see her do more urban stuff ( probably music she personlly likes), id really like her new song if it wasnt for the rapping. being dropped by island is the best thing thats happened to her.
  16. I don't agree about Strung Out (I don't remember the song Paper Bag at all, though. Shows how much I've listened to the 'song I did not like' of this album). I think the quite powerful and dramatic rock-esque background works very well with Mutya's soulful voice.
  17. I think she'll release a few more collaborations aswell as writing for other artists before she really concentrates on the new album. She clearly likes going down the urban route, and her new label will need to respect that, or else we'll end up with Real Girl part 2!
  18. Let's hope. I don't want her to stop making music. She is clearly one of the most talented people around.
  19. She's just pure talent, basically. I don't think she could stop making music - it is her passion afterall. But, look at the situation poor Siobhan's in.
  20. Pop injustice!
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