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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by robertmm, Jan 31, 2009.

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    You're right, there have been warnings in the past. We'll recognize as a group of moderators that going forward we've asked you all to use that thread for Mutya Keisha Siobhan posts. Personally, I can't see how there's anything to talk about, regardless of which thread you're using, but that's just me.
  2. I really hope her latest Instagram is a joke. #vulvo
  3. One big one.
  4. Since all the MKS threads are locked (I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_), is this leaked snippet new?

  5. Yeah. it did the rounds yesterday some time but It's not right. It's sped up, pitched higher and the bridge is cut. Keisha already had got the one on SoundClound removed (where it originally came from).
  6. Haha, they've obviously pitched it up to avoid Keisha and her copyright claims.
  7. This MKS is like when you are in love with a guy who doesn't love you back. But once in a while, he kisses you and tells you are very important to him. I would quite like to let go already, but he won't let me. So I wait for the day he will fall in love with me, because there is still hope. Even if only a fool's hope.
  8. i wonder who is the person who has this track but still decides to leak only a small part of instead of the entire song

    will they ever come back?
  9. I've been listening to the songs of Mutya's that didn't make Real Girl and it's such a shame still how everything after the album release was handled. It's amazing Real Girl (single) got to #2 only to be blocked by Rihanna's Umbrella but I think Mutya should have been marketed less as she was - which was all over the place. The album had so many elements that made it end up being inconsistent. Mutya would have worked perfectly fine as a Pop/R&B artist, rather than Pop and all the other genres her album tracks have.

    Real Girl, Song 4 Mutya, It's Not Easy, My Song are the ones from the album I still really love.

    It's a shame she really disliked the experience at the time. Maybe one day when MKS have an album finally released and a few years of solid success, Mutya could go back go a nice solo career full of Pop/R&B jams. I don't see why she couldn't do one in between MKS releases (in future).
  10. Ray


    Hahaha, "in between MKS releases".

    "Song 4 Mutya" remains amazing. I wish Groove Armada produced an entire album for her.
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  11. My housemates were watching the Sex and the City movie the other night and Real Girl began playing when I was in the room and I thought to myself 'Look where we are now!'.
  12. kal


    Today I found two new Mutya solo songs that have been registered in the last few months, because I don't remember seeing them before.

  13. They could just be writing credits rather than solo songs?

    I would totally be here for her coming back though.
  14. kal


    Could be, yeah, but I'd rather think she recorded them because it means one day we might hear them.
  15. The delusion!
  16. kal


    Weirder things have happened!
  17. Just posting back in this lovely thread of the reminder of Mutya's single that should have been, 'Shakin Mah Twinz'. Five years old this year, still sounds so fresh!


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  18. I can't believe Ruby Rose was already a thing back in 2009.
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  19. Can somebody re-leak Lesbian Party.
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  20. Mutya is featured on a new track called "Game Over" with some of her mates; including Ultra from 'Fallin' and RockwellXL, who does a lot of the music for Love & Hip Hop Miami. To my ears, it's a UK R&B/Pop trendy song. It's exactly up my alley and something I love hearing Mutya's voice on. I really enjoy this kind of music anyway but having Mutya on this makes it SO much better.

    The song is out now in Australia/New Zealand but comes out 12:00AM on April 12. A music video was shot for it all and should drop soon.

    If you have the effort to get past the geoblocking nonsense, here's the track on YouTube / Spotify:

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