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Mutya Buena - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by robertmm, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Damn I can't hear it but love her voice so looking forward to this.
  2. Is it a song that says something about driving slow or something like that? She did an IG Story and she was in a studio singing something of the sorts.

    Anyway Song 4 Mutya is up there in my all time favorite songs. What a MASTERPIECE!
  3. The video premiered today. I love seeing Mutya in her element.

  4. No solo song has ever topped that song . It’s still played today , but I wasn’t a fan of either video .
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  5. That video is okay as is the song. I feel sad Mutya isn't massive in the industry considering how the ladies are really bringing it this year.
  6. If Mutya put out an EP of R&B/Pop songs in the vein of 'Game Over' and other modern sounding R&B/Pop songs, I think she could get some attention. She just needs guidance and some management.

    Sugababes are a priority to me, but that's not moving as fast as they and us would like it to.
  7. Rob


    Is it even moving?
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