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Mutya Buena - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by shazza, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Is she planning on releasing a new album or..?
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  2. I was hoping it would be available to buy/stream.
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  3. This is gorgeous! Any plans on uploading this (and hopefully some more songs + the covers) on streaming?
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  4. Her voice... what a talent.

    Did she spill any tea on her Insta Live last night? I didn’t manage to get on.
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  5. She still sounds so amazing. Nobody has a voice like her.
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  6. kal


    It’s been over a year since we were blessed with Black Valentine. Let’s celebrate that.

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  7. Gorgeous bop.
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  9. I tweeted her about 2 the Limit...

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    Music producer Elegance is teasing a brand new Mutya track. I’m always here for Mutya music.

  11. Mutya’s performing at the RVT again in September.
  12. She has not done a Q and A live in a while...
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  15. kal


    Check out Mutya serving vocals & looks in the Your Love Your Way music video:
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  16. Song 4 Mutya is so epic. I am watching the video as we speak and honestly? What! A! Bop!
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  17. I was absolutely addicted to that track and it was my last summer in college, going to gay bars and living my best life. That, along with To The Limit are my all time faves of solo Mutya
  18. I know most people consider her album to be mixed at best but I really got some mileage out of it. One of the songs I keep coming back to is this one:

    I like the feel and the lyrics. Especially this part
    Loving the concept.

    Although random though: the better song about your taxi driver becoming your therapist for a moment is obviously this:

    Still Mutya's song great.
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  19. I wish her first album was more with dance and house producers. Song for Mutya was just fucking ace!
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