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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. The track was only sent to press and radio officially this week. That's why promo CDs are only just cropping up now. "Hype" is a tricky thing to measure... especially when you've known about the reunion and every miniscule detail for several years now! But their focus on promotion kicks in next week, when their live dates, PAs and such like begin. 6 weeks of promo, which is pretty standard. They're at Scala, Brighton Pride, G-A-Y, We Love Pop, Manchester Pride... they have a video about to drop, they'll be playlisted by Radio 1 either next week or the week after, on rotation on the music channels, the press will cover the live dates, there'll be new photos and clips of new songs on YouTube... and hopefully we will see them all over the TV. For some reason, I can't quite see them on the couch of This Morning but they're gonna have to do that stuff, so...

    Are there any shows returning early September? The summer TV schedules are always awful for promo, but the autumn is much more diverse. Big chat shows, the big talent shows, etc. I'd love them to get a slot on Later... not sure when that's back, though. It only just finished in the first week of June! I think it's on three times a year though, so should be back Sept-Oct. I hope he thinks they're "cool" enough, he used to like them.
  2. A better quality recording of 'Overload' at the Ponystep NYE gig was just put up on YouTube. Someone from the crew I think, since it's recorded from between the stage wings. Hopefully the guy 'll put up the rest too. And while he's at it, a soundboard recording.
  3. Haha, Keisha trying not to laugh at the start! She finds the old school Overload 'dance routine' as amusing as the rest of us. She's really trying to keep the stony face on!
  4. I'm still holding out hope that the Flatline video will feature them at one point getting up from the deckchairs and doing the old Overload routine on the beach after the leg crossing...
  5. In that video that The Sun posted they struggled to keep their leg shuffle in sync for more than three seconds, so obviously they must do dance routines.
  6. Good to see. I haven't seen it properly until now, but it affirms what I thought, that it was a very scaled down choreography:
    Notice also that the synchronised hand movement at "Feather bed by myself" ends up with the hand on the lap, not on the microphone like here:

    I don't think this video was recorded by "their crew". They hardly had any, just the tapes, and maybe the bald guy who takes away the stools at the end. No announcer, so it was that bit extra amazing when they were suddenly just there, and we could hear their magical voices.
  7. Flatline remix feat. The Wanted
  8. Now available for your phones:

  9. kal


    That's been available since the day they announced the pre-order.
  10. Are we sure they won't have any TV appearances around the release date? I don't understand the UK market too well, but they seem to be getting into gear right now and don't they have plenty of time before actual release? Besides it really only needs to preform well enough that we still get the album on time and a couple follow up singles.
  11. I'm sure they'll be doing all the morning shows the week of its release.
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  13. Id even say its too early for tv promo. Save it for release weeks. Radio tour would be good though.
  14. Does anyone get the reference in my name?
  15. It will be Number 1.
  16. Stronger video
  17. Will it be a hit? Will it not be a hit?

    "It depends on radio," and that's pretty much all I can say on the matter. It feels like a huge hit to me but I'm not a good judge of this stuff. We should remember that All Saints scored a comeback hit with Rock Steady but still bombed horribly with the album. We can't assume anything. They can be proud that they've come back with dignity and a fucking brilliant single.
  18. Good call.
    It is my favourite Keisha moment. She's been heartbroken to the point where's she's completely detached and unfeeling. That poor guy who jumps up to hug her gets no comfort from an indifferent Keisha who continues to sing blankly into the camera. The juxtaposition of the bleakness of that scene with the joyful message she is singing is wonderful and so powerful.
    Keisha could definitely have a career as an actress..she is very convincing!
  19. I pray to God the Richard X track makes the album. Could someone possibly tweet Keisha asking her? I can't seem to locate my twitter password and I haven't been on in over a year anyway... She confirmed Cameron McVey to someone recently, no? I think it's safe to say we'd all sleep easier knowing Keisha and Mutya (plus Siobhan) reunited with Richard X is safely on the album. They would only produce fucking brilliant results.
  20. I once tweeted Siobhan about the Overload routine, she said it made her cringe especially the feather bed bit yet she still did it at Ponystep, for old time's sake I guess?
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