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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. 'With best regards anyway' is my new favorite thing ever.
  2. I don't like how M & K totally take over the entire song at the end with some extra ad-libs, I hope Siobhan slays the entire show next week. I want to hear some killer vocals.
  3. They always had those adlibs at the end though - it was just harder to tell them apart back in the day.

    AND NO, LET'S NOT RESTART THE "WHAT IS MUTYA ADLIBBING AT THE END OF OVERLOAD" DEBATE. Peter, please save us from this by a blow-by-blow interview about Overload.
  4. YES. Those adlibs make the song something really cool. Keisha is the secret weapon on Overload.
  5. I asked Siobhan when we were doing a cover of it for a show i did with a live covers band. They actually don't know themselves.
  6. You can barely hear the "situationnnnnnnI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY" ad-lib being screamed in the wrong verse in this one. Fantastic.
  7. This quote alone will literally destroy lives.
  8. Completely. The Sugadance was an afterthought, a pisstake of pop choreography, something they had to do because pop groups always had a dance routine. I was transfixed by the entire performance. It's like being blind and suddenly having your eyes opened to something really cool and unexpected. I loved it. I still love it. It's completely half-hearted but that's why it works.
  9. I know they always did those last ad-libs on the last choruses, but they closed the song with some extra ad-libs. I actually like it, but I don't like how Siobhan wasn't included, it was a bit awkward.

    My favourite ad-lib is the "I know, I KN-OW" part, I always sing those.
  10. Half-arsed dancing has a long and proud heritage in British girl groups -think Bananarama and their Bruno Tonioli choreographed arm waving.
  11. Keisha actually managed to ad-lib over Mutya's ad lib..

    Ad-ad libbing: Keisha's new weapon for live performance domination.
  12. Bananarama and their attempt to do choreography is iconic!


    No wonder they all said they mostly identified with the Sugababes as a group. There's this better clip where this interviewer asks Bananarama "oh so you're doing choreography now?" and they're just like "uh, yeah...". Brilliant. The incompetence of the British girl groups.
  13. Amazing!
  14. I love that Bananarama didn't even try to disguise their shitty dancing! I love Bananrama. You can't argue against a group with the power of (my idol) Terry Hall within their DNA. Every now and then I recall Bananarama's glorious lack of co-ordination and arch appeal - the last girl group that made me think of Bananarama has to the Dolly Rockers. I think I love Gold Digger more than the group. It's a great single.
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  15. Mutya is too real for words. Literally.
  16. MM


  17. I MUCH prefer Georgina's version.
  18. Actually it sounds suspiciously like Georgina! Could Georgina really be Dr Bob?
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  19. I wish someone would upload a decent, normal version of the 'Overload' vid to youtube. The main one at the moment is a pitched-up mess that makes Siobhan sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks.
  20. They can't upload a proper version - it's blocked from their former label.
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