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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Siobhan looks so pretty in those close ups.
  2. Only legit version on Vimeo:

  3. The plot thickens.
  4. Georgina1515

    Georgina1515 Guest

    Unfortunately it's not me... I don't make money with music.
  5. Really, you should be getting a cut of the forum's ad revenue.
  6. Personally, I'd buy Georgina's version if it where to appear on itunes.

    In fact, I implore it to do so.
  7. Fixed.

    This thread though. At least it is entertaining!
  8. Do you bully people in real life? Not cool.
  9. How rude.
  10. Unnecessary, Lindsay Lohan, unnecessary.
  11. ssa


    I really dislike some people in this thread.

    And who the hell is Dr Bob?
  12. Ugh at people being jealous of Georgina again. Let it go, haters!
  13. kal


    I know right.

    We need more Georginas and less haters!

    Edit: Marilyn Manson looks great in your avatar Rhombus.
  15. I have always been a Mean Girl.

    And are we now supposed to appreciate Georgina's covers and music videos without a good dose of humor? I love the girl, and I've said it before.
  16. kal


    I am getting serious Manson vibes from that photo.
  17. Georgina1515

    Georgina1515 Guest

    Why did you change my words ? I said I "don't", not "couldn't" because I can but don't want to. "That was then and this is now, there ain't no lie".

    Thanks again.

    Woah, I'm afraid I don't have rights to release such things. But I'm glad to hear that.
  18. I fucking love Dr. Bob. He's sold 200,000,000 Botswana.

    Number one in my heart.
  19. I remember once ive found a Spite Girls CD in my friends album collection.
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