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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Amazing motown shoot.

    Second video version is a BIG improvement -the subtle tweaks just make the whole thing feel a little more loved and worked on, and a little less like a school project. Shame it isn't the official version.
  2. I agree with Duckface about CAS cover: the magazine photo is flawless!

    Hope there is no more Dev tracks, we got 3 already and they worked with so many people, wanna hear more of others tracks
  3. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I agree, enough with Dev. Lay Down is fantastic but his work is typically niche and what the girls need is a bonafide Freak Like Me-type smash (or at least a Red Dress).
  4. Can not wait to see them on Sunday!!
  5. um, I'm sorry. Are you guys all crazy? Do you really know that little about producers to know that 'Lay Down in Swimming Pools' was in fact produced by T-Minus? Maybe Dev was there when they put their vocals over the instrumental to 'Swimming Pools,' but that song sure as hell was produced by T-Minus.

    For months I've watched people on forums and genuine journalists report on the fact that it was produced by Dev, when it most certainly was not. Perhaps we will get an original production of 'Lay Down' on the album, but other than that, we only have one: 'Flatline.'

    Jeesh, get it together, pop fans. I, for one, would like more than one Dev production on the album. Just one more: 'Lay Down' without the T-Minus production.

    It's already confirmed that we're getting a Cameron McVey song(s), as well as MNEK, Naughty Boy, BiffCo, etc etc. However... we still NEED that Richard X track to make it! Come on, can't anyone ask Keisha on twitter about the Richard X track? She confirmed McVey to someone.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Sweet 7 should have had much better EDM/pop music, with a slick and sassy theme carried through the campaign.

    That press shot that duckface linked was everything, the other one in the lounge was doing things for me as well.

    Anyone else remember this from Catfights days?


    Oh, you.

    Most people do know about Dev Hynes NOT producing Lay Down, unlike you, people don't feel they need to use their Wikipedia activity as proof that they care about producers.

    They were most likely recording a song (could have been the actual Lay Down) when they decided to "just for fun" place their own composition over the instrumental of a huge R&B jam, which Dev probably oversaw.

    No need to be so effing rude, but then again, we shouldn't expect much
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  7. Literally none of these. None.
  8. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Fact: Sugababes and associated acts should always dress like Motown stars.
  9. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Agreed. There is a way to be informative without being superior.
  10. Ew, you are quite literally the only person who immediately responds to my posts, and it's always like this. Vile. Stop jumping at the chance to respond to me. Don't respond at all if you have a fucking problem with me mentioning producers. Lame.

    It has nothing to do with wikipedia, and everything to do with the fact that producing/producers are my interest, and I have a wide knowledge of producers across dozens of genres (which is exactly why you lot think Dev produced Lay Down in Swimming Pools). I am most likely one of... 3 people on the entire forum who had knowledge and interest in Kendrick long before his own debut album release.

    Anyway, back on topic. I'd like 2 Dev produced tracks on the album: 'Flatline' and a Dev produced 'Lay Down.' Then everything else we have confirmed plus Richard X, and I'll be 100% satisfied with this project. Imagine what he could come up with for them in 2013.
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  11. I really like the alt-version of Flatline and I suspect it might have been the original version...but the Mr. Blobby dots are vile. The other effects are great but there are too many blobby dots. So I prefer the original version, as usual.
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  12. That picture Mr. Arroz just posted is everything - it's gorgeous! And Dominic Spez sort your attitude out! Rude.
  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That means there's a problem then.

    No one has issue with the mention of producers, it's your incessant need to shove it down EVERYONE ELSE'S throat that you not only care, but implicitly think others should care as much as you. We all know who's working on this album, their past achievements, and the potential they have for MKS. For you to champion you "wide knowledge of producers" as if it deserves a medal or a pat on the back...well, get a grip. In the real world you need to learn that not everyone cares as much, nor does everyone have to reveal that they know as much.

    Some people are content with knowing things and not walking around any public forum with that "wide range of knowledge" sitting on their chest like a gold star from their teacher.
  14. That is some epic Ronnette weave snatching right there ladies and gentlemen.
  15. I post once a month, if that. And I've kept that well-known, not-secret, obvious bit of "information" to myself about T-Minus for months upon months as you lot continued believing a song that Dev had nothing to do with was produced by him. Months. Since the moment it came out until now. I've not shoved it down anyone's throats, nor have "walked around any public forum with this wide range of knowledge sitting on my chest."

    Seriously. Like I said, you are the only one who ever does this. Get a grip, man. And don't respond to me.

    In fact, I can remember many times that I have posted nothing about producers (and they were posts that came after months of not posting) only to have you IMMEDIATELY respond with "Someone mention producers!" Pathetic.
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  16. So much realness, my dear.
  17. I fear you are heading for a bit of disappointment on that front. I too would love to hear what they recorded together.
  18. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Okay, can we keep the personal comments OUT of the discussion please?

    dominic_spez: if you're going to tell people what they haven't got right, there's really no need to do it in such a condescending and rude way. People might appreciate the information you're giving them a bit more if it wasn't presented in such a negative manner.

    Mr.Arroz: whilst I appreciate dominc_spez got your back up a bit, they key really would be to report the comments to us and then not fuel the fire and start being personal back, and let us deal with it.

    Thank you!
  19. I fear that I am heading for that as well... Which is why once in a while I'll mention it. Just hoping if I say it, it will make it come true. Either way, they'd be crazy not to include it. I'm sure it could fit on album with songs like 'Drum' and 'Boys' that are more electronic. Literally nothing Richard X produces is poor or mediocre, but I can imagine a record label being like "No, we don't want that one cuz that guy don't produce no hit songs, no he don't." Ugh.

    Still crossing my fingers it'll be a lovely and welcome surprise. They DID work with him in 2013, after a lot of other producers, so maybe it was their goal to work with him for a while and then they finally got to. In which case, they'd definitely keep the song on the album. Hmm
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