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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Just bring Boys to the soundcloud and we're fine.
  2. We are as one in this matter. 4.0 - so dreadfully uncool - gave us a 'special Christmas song' and it was cringey horror pop. I don't want to hear that sort of stuff ever again!
  3. Yes, I'd rather they went away and regrouped for a while before relaunching. The material, we've heard, is amazing - so they just need to sort their team out. It's clear from the tour they've got a really decent, dedicated fanbase, so all's not lost from Flatlinegate.
  4. Completely agree. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind a new recording of New Year given for free to people on their mailing list.
  5. Do they even have a mailing list? That sounds a bit too much like an actual campaign for MKS.

    And I stand by what I've said before, just chuck any new song on Soundcloud, obviously not the new single, just to tide us over.
  6. A festive photo of MKS will be projected onto the façade of Victoria's Cardinal Place on 21 November, equivalent to the height of seven double decker buses, to mark the start of a three-night entertainment showcase.
  7. There was one, thats how we got pre sale links for Scala.
  8. Fantastic! I mean that's really brilliant news. We need a shot of it as soon as possible, if only for my desktop.
  9. You're right Kirkland. All of this promo is fantastic!!
  10. If anyone needs to read their interview with Attitude, there happens to be a scan of it here. (and here's a lower quality version).

    It's fucking hilarious so buy it if you can. There's an interview with Gaga and pictures of hot men in it too.

    Dead. There's also some interesting bits on them performing solo songs, ex-boyfriends, and Keisha-shade ("I like that word, pre-Amelle")
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  11. Who's getting them all this promo if they don't have management? Are they doing it themselves? It feels like a lot more than the Flatline days. Which is great!
  12. Thank you! Is there a site / place where people are uploading magazine scans? I need the Evening Standard and The Guardian one in my life.
  13. Oh My God. This is all gold stuff. I can't believe the journalist went for Dancing On Ice!
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  14. I have a feeling she could be talking about Felix Howard here.
  15. MM


    It's quite astonishing, though truth be told, they did have some decent exposure on press media during what one could call the Flatline campaign.
  16. The problem was that their promo was all over the place. It just wasn't concentrated around the release week very well.
  17. MM


    True. Well, while all this waiting would make Job lose his temper, I really hope they are using this time to get their shit together so they can return in full form.

    That interview, though. It's a must-read. I love how it's Mutya who's doing all the shading. Well, not really shading, she's being completely straightforward with her remarks.
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  18. Georgina1515

    Georgina1515 Guest

    Links don't open. And there's nowhere to buy it for me.
  19. MM


    I'm trying to OCR the PDF file and will post it here. It might take a while, though.
  20. There's a review of their London gig up on digital spy. I'm out at the moment so can't post the link but can someone else?

    Sounds like the guy doing the review is quite the Sugababes fan.
    You go Jon Hornbuckle!
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