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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. I think you might be remembering the Q Awards, but I could be wrong. Mutya was very taken by Brandon Flowers.
  2. Is metronomy a big and successful band in the UK?
  3. Yes, they're very good. Their last album was Mercury Prize nominated. They target the sort of audience MKS would be perfect for and I think they'll fit each other nicely.
  4. Ah, yes, I got them confused. Sorry.
  5. Hope they use the event to announce something but its probably wishful thinking
  6. Who needs the old thread back when it's right here condensed into one post?
  8. JohnR85

    JohnR85 Guest

    I wonder what part they will take...I could see Siobhan doing the chorus with Mutya / Keisha taking the male vocals. They may just get the chorus.
  9. I love how locking the original MKS thread led to up to four other threads being hijacked and a whole new thread. Amazing.
  10. RJF


    Oh, fucking hell. At least change the thread title so people can know from the jump this thread is as fucking useless as the other one.
  11. I just don't know why anyone who isn't a fan of MKS has any investment in what MKS fans do with their threads. It was ONE thread on the main page, if you're not a fan of them and endless discussion of nothing pisses you off, don't go in the thread? I genuinely cannot comprehend why anyone cares.
  12. Completely agree with the poster above. Why does it offend people so much? There are so many threads on this forum that I never open.

    So happy the girls are performing. Hopefully we'll get some more good news in the coming weeks.
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  13. Some 'fans' need to stop being arses. If any of you have axes to grind, please go elsewhere. This is exactly the news we've patiently watied for and it's worthy of discussion. Accept it. I do think the title of the thread should be changed.

    Here is the Metronomy track they're singing on:


    Does anyone think an official remix with MKS will get a release?
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  14. kal


    Your post is the only useless thing about this topic.

    Why bother posting here when you just make yourself look like even more of an asshole?

    Now go ahead and report me. I'd rather call you out on your bullshit and get an infraction than watch you prance around in every MKS topic yelling how annoying and useless they are.
  15. Pretty much
  16. SBK


    Of course they won't.

    at best you'll get an interview where Keisha beams with excitement about news she can't tell you anything about, mutya nods worryingly and Siobhan will be knowingly silent about the whole thing.
  17. Siobhan has already said that there's exciting news coming soon about the album. I hope this is the start of it. The fact they've managed to book this gig is great regardless.
  18. Thats exactly how id expect it to be
  19. SBK


    Booking a gig isn't progress.

    The cheeky girls book gigs.
  20. kal


    I.. just listened to the Metronomy song and it's terrible. What kind of cheap basic instrumental?
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