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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. They were in the studio with Future Cut last week and with Dev Hynes this week. It doesnt look like nothing or coincidence.
  2. Has the Flatline video been on iTunes for ages? I've only just noticed it!
  3. Rod


    Final mastering?
  4. The hashtags say #newmusic #writing #hits #fender
    So it's either they are really doing the final mastering or they were sent back to the studio by Polydor as someone high up said the album is not "complete" and that they should change/add a couple of songs.

    Didn't Dev have problems lately? Like the fire he had in December... He lost his dog... Maybe MKS were scheduled for these sessions earlier but they got postponed, and they couldn't go again to the US to meet him because it was too much to organize so they had to wait for him to come to LDN and this is why the whole project got postponed so much.

    It just reminds me that Cher Lloyd's second album got postponed because LA Reid sent her back to the studio "to find more magic", and from the Larry King interview she seemed no to be happy with it. It was to come out in November but it still has no date. At least it is properly titled "Sorry I'm Late".
  5. If the label sent them to record more songs, why on earth would they send them to the man that produced their last #50 "hit"? Or other producers that already produced songs for them? If there's supposedly an exciting announcement coming "soon" I really think they're just mastering the album/doing final mixes.
  6. I dont believe in final mastering/final mixes etc. How many times could they do final mixes? They did them exactly year ago. Plus as Bzguy noticed there are hashtags "writing" (!) and "new music" so there you go.
  7. Yeah, they're clearly recording new music because of the hashtag. I think they would have already had months and months to finish mastering the album.
  8. It is new music, BUT.... Siobhan tweeted the Red Bull studio manager she had a last minute request yesterday. It's entirely possible they met up with Dev for fun, came up with something and decided to record it.
  9. But they were also with Future Cut last week plus Siobhan's request was probably something minor. I doubt she would tweet about something important so openly.
  10. The Future Cut meeting is likelier to be a mastering of the next single (especially if it is 'totally different' and 'previously unheard' as they claim i.e. something Polydor made them record after the old tracks). The Dev Hynes joint is probably (and hopefully) new music for down the line.
  11. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I don't have the energy for them any more to speculate what they're up to based on a photograph - think we can conclude that the album is not forthcoming and that we may as well just enjoy the Love Letters feature while it lasts because it's all we'll have from them for the next wee while.
  12. I'm quitely optimistic. They would not put that up on Instagram for no reason. And there is no way they would all go to a studio together to visit Dev just to say hello. They're cooking up some music, they must be.
  13. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Which is great on the one hand because it means there is something going on; and on the other hand is terrible because it means they've taken another step back and we're no closer to the album coming out. It's just a bit depressing really.
  14. Could it prep for the Stagedoor(?) accoustic set they tweeted/commented about? Wasn't that March?
  15. It was only days ago when Mutya said the album would be coming in a couple of months. There's no way their plans have taken yet another U-turn since then.
  16. Couple of months might be more than just a real couple. Plus...2 to 10 weeks...
  17. There has to be another single before the album comes out!
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  18. If they are recording new material, I just hope we get to hear whatever tracks are presumably being rejected in their favour. I'm such a greedy music fan, but I despair in these kinds of situations.
  19. Okay, so I think the wheels might be starting up again. I just had a notification on Twitter that MKSofficial started to follow: Premier Models, Paul Epworth, Black Fox management, NME, Annie Mac, Pitchfork and Guardian Music. Seems very work related.
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