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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. I'm absolutely gagging for 'No Regrets' , has anyone got a good quality link that I may have missed? The ones on YouTube are just poor!
  2. This is the best quality you'll find so far:
  3. I think Gift may have co-written Today with them and MNEK. I know there was another songwriter on it who tweeted about the track after the Scala gig, but I can't remember the name now. She is followed by MNEK on twitter.
  4. All this new recording makes me wonder if they were dropped and Polydor kept all the old music so they need to record a whole new album.
  5. I think they could've lost few songs but rather those they havent credits on. Its weird polydors social media profiles havent noticed their nme performance at all.
  6. They recorded a bulk of the album before signing to Polydor. I guess it's possible that they've lost tracks like Victory (Sia) or the Diane Warren one that they recorded after being signed though.
  7. I think this sounds like a possible scenario, but of course we won't know until we know! They'll get another label quite easily if they aren't on Polydor, if they don't already have one.
  8. LJB


    There's nothing to tell us they're not with Polydor anymore.
  9. Yes, I'm pretty sure that is the case as well. Gift's management tweeted as well
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  10. SBK



    Its most likely that they're recording new stuff for it because some of the tracks they had for it are like 2 years old.
  11. kal


    Can someone please PM me when something concrete and relevant is announced? I'll be avoiding this thread.
  12. I love how reading back on certain threads *cough* there's a bit of put-down on their contributions to their own music. I don't get why.
  13. Small research on twitter. Polydor follows Siobhan and MKS but doesnt follow Mutya nor Keisha. Also Keisha is not following Polydor either (the rest does). Not that it means anything since Keisha recently followed M and S but it wont hurt to know.
  14. It's funny how I said all this would happen when I spoke to them at the last London gig back in November. Keeping the name, the long haitius getting a new team together but y'all dismissed it. So far everything they said to me has happened, except putting together a re release of one touch with the old demos (which could still happen).
  15. SBK


    I'm not sure who follows who on twitter would stand up as evidence for the price of cheese in court...

    But speak to Sajjalali. He's managed to become an expect in Girls Aloud's social interactions and the group dynamics based on what he's found on twitter.
    He knows the girls better than they know themselves.
  16. I didnt say its any evidence of anything?
  17. I'm really hoping for some news this month. It's seriously about time they reboot and start again. Surely they're doing something besides singing a chorus of two words for an indie band.
  18. Something is definitely happening
    I actually met Mutya last week at the Big Reunion tour
    I was incredibly starstruck, but I have to say she is probably one of the nicest celebrities I have 'EVER' met
    I asked her about when the new single would be out and she told me that they are currently concentrating on the album at the moment
    The vibes I was getting was there isn't actually going to be a new single, if so it would explain the delays...
  19. That would explain their latest recording sessions with Dev Hynes and (i-forgot-his-name).
  20. Ray


    Azealia Banks and MKS. Which one will release an album first? DISCUSS.
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