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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. kal


    I doubt the album is finished, to be honest. They're probably sitting on 40+ songs but they probably haven't picked all the album tracks yet.
  2. Currently they are writing and recording. And we know they did it earlier this year too.
  3. I think they're recording their comeback banger!
  4. The word "Banger" has connotations for me of sampling of the Right Said Fred kind.
  5. Keisha won't ever lower herself that level ever again!
  6. She almost did but luckily she was absent for the awful About A Girl or she would have hit a new one.
  7. Let's not pretend that Get Sexy isn't the worst song Sugababes put out.
  8. Get Sexy and About A Girl are bops.
  9. All this current studio activity suggests to me that they recently got some confirmation about their label status (whether dropped, new or alternative arrangement) and/or release plans, are now hustling to record new tracks or record as needed - since they were sitting on a supposedly finished album for ages until now.

    Either that or entry #7 on my MKS dream journal is correct and they're recording a second album for release straight after.
  10. It's finished but we'll never get to hear it… #slightchance #soon
  11. If the album was finished back then and the girls themselves were pleased with it, all this new studio time means they must have lost some tracks for whatever reason. If they were with the same label/management and they were displeased with the initial album rooster, surely they would have sent them back to studio way sooner than this. Oh... Guesses, just guesses. Bummed!
  12. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I'm sure the plan is still to launch in August, they're just filling in the blanks of whatever was lost in the switchover, I'd guess.
  13. Are they not allowed to just remake the songs they lost? Surely they could keep the lyrics and melody they came up with? There has got o be a loophole. You'd think I'd know studying Music Business
  14. I'm sure I said this in April.
  15. Right, I'm out! I have had enough, they have been drawing this out far too long! I give up with them.
  16. kal


    See you soon!

  17. About a Girl is still my jam! Like both Keisha and Jade's version, would've charted higher (top 5 or even 3) if the Sugababes drama didn't happen. Can't say the same about Get Sexy though...
  18. Keisha's version of 'About a Girl' is far superior, but it still is an absolute jam. Shame the video is such a cringe.
  19. They would've played the girls fighting in the video, they all knew the choreography but then Keisha left... And no time for the newbie to become an ass-kicker.
  20. If August is when they're 'allowed' to kick things off they better have finished this bloody album by then.
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