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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Keisha's auto-tuned About A Girl is clearly not superior to the released version...
  2. MKS - Flatlines (Waiting Never Ends)
  3. But it is.
  4. They're recording the extra songs to replace the ones they can't get from Polywhore.

    Then they'll release the album and begin again. It won't be much longer now.

    Also, with regards to About A Girl - the Nirvana version is the best.
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  5. As long as they still have Boys.
  6. kal


    If they don't release Boys I swear I will raid the Popjustice office just to get that song.
  7. kal stop. Step away.
  8. I agree. I wouldn't blink if they missed it off the album.
  9. Boys needs to be on the album! It is the only reason I am still interested in this reunion! They can take their 2011-esque 'Today', and their Church Organ heavy 'I'm Alright' and throw them at an Emeli Sande B-Sides collection, but they need Boys
  10. They don't need Boys, and if they don't have it - then they'll get paid when Little Mix get to #1 with it.

    I think they must have recorded quite a few new songs.

    They'll come back with some brilliant stuff, regardless.
  11. kal


    I won't blame anyone. I'll just borrow Peter's laptop for a few minutes.
  12. If any of their music has been lost, I don't mind as long as it goes to someone credible who can do it justice. If it goes to someone like Rita Ora, I will be fuming. I just want them to release something this year, which I know is a common feeling.
  13. They would've played stunt doubles for Keisha, Heidi and Jade, yes. The reason the video turned to shit was the black girl with the long hair didn't look anything like Amelle, she looked like Keisha because that's who she was hired to play and Keisha wasn't the one meant to leave that day...

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  14. Jade's version is slightly better.

    Also, I hope they give Boy away, stupid song.
  15. kal


    People saying Jade's version of About a Girl is better probably think Amelle's Red Dress is better, too.

    I'll never understand.

    But I digress. Boys is still my favourite of the lot we've heard. That production sounds flawless!
  16. Or they were planning to clone Amelle.
  17. Because those versions are both superior (in certain peoples opinions, not everyone agrees). It's not a diss on Mutya or Keisha but their vocals didn't suit both those tracks.
  18. kal


    On a completely unrelated note, sometimes I wish MKS would respond like Lana in GhetoPrincess' signature when people keep nagging them about the album.

    Can you imagine the meltdown on here?
  19. Amelle, with the shaved head?
  20. I think what annoys me a lot about the waiting is if they'd have released in 2012 as originally planned, we'd be waiting for album two by now. I don't mind if they lose some songs, but really hope they leak at some point. I still believe the final product will be flawless.
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