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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Now that's exciting...this is what suits them and is current. Their harmonies would add to this production greatly.

  2. Thanks for that. That's really exciting news!!
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    The president of Polydor is still there, but not the girls. Or do I have that wrong?

  4. Thats how i understood it too
  5. The guy who signed them originally is now the president of Polydor. The girls are still with Polydor.

    ...and after all the shiz that's happened over the past year, I still believe they're the labels favourites.
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  6. Is that why they are making them record 200 tracks before they can release single two and the album they finished last year?
  7. Are you me?
  8. and got the name back and had more money invested in them etc.
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  9. But we do know the label let them do Flatline their own way as a 'told you so', and then wouldn't continue without the name. The girls had to get the name back which has taken the time, Keisha had to pay for it in the end which is why we have had such a big hiatus. In the time it has taken to secure the name they have lost a few songs, and are re-recording to replace. You must read the same 1358 pages of no news as us? I don't think it's a sign they are label favourites.
  10. Great news about who they're working with. But of all things that are up in the air with this thing, the quality of the music was never / will never be an issue. It is physically impossible for the music they create together to be bad.

    Also, I abhor Chandelier by Sia, but I can't help feeling it would be kinda incredible sung by MKS. Siobhan doing the high bit of the chorus would give me heart palpitations. But then I think any song sung by MKS would take it to a whole new level.
  11. Pleased with the Rudimental/Black Butter connection. They should have signed to that label instead of some Universal division.

    *Unpopular Opinion Alert*
    They need to remain true to their UK garage roots with the producers and not follow the footsteps of Foxes. Her album was dreadfully boring.
  12. The name thing is just a rumour! We don't actually know whether or not they parted ways with Polydor, but I think it's likely. I'm just delighted they're recording new music and with luck - a tour too.
  13. Their pre-performance mixtape was particularly great - I caught snatches of Lush Life and Craig David and some other garage tracks.
  14. I have always not been convinced that they left / were booted by Polydor.

    I do, however, believe that they realise they needed the name back to maximise publicity to the general public.

    I'm genuinely excited for the relaunch, I feel it's just on the horizon.

    Edit: Garage 2014 is Katy B right?
  15. Read it as the guy who signed them (the president) is still the president.
  16. Let me remind us of the "Mutya you're killing me" beat.
  17. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I remember this time last year I thought we would have an album by September. Of course, now I know to not expect anything, which is sad, but true.
  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    MKS should cover 'Don't Give it Up' or 'Overrated'.
  19. You've read way too many 'Keisha's instagrammed positive thoughts'.
  20. It makes NO difference if someone at Polydor likes them. This is Universal. Universal decided how they wanted them, and put them through the Roc Nation makeover process, with Amelle as main girl -it didn't work, Keisha basically wrecked it -got sacked and (presumably) handsomely paid off. Just because all this happened under Island, Roc Nation etc., makes no difference. Universal pays the bills, and MKS are not going to do the music they want to with this company. Period.
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