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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. I wonder why they would have went Universal / Polydor then? Surely the girls and their team would have been shrewd enough to know all of this.
  2. No matter how savvy you are, there is always the element of risk with any venture. For instance, do you think Azealia Banks thought her label would stifle her when she signed to them? The same label which signed Kanye and Gaga? Would you think Interscope capable of such fuckery? Even Gaga is experiencing problems with her label and team. The music industry is so twisted.
  3. It doesn't seem like they would rather make more 'Sugababes'-y music or are especially unhappy with the music they're making/are being forced to make it. And either way, the results are pretty brilliant-sounding, no?
  4. I think they're delighted with what they've made, but Polydor aren't releasing it are they?
  5. They need to do more songs with Dev Hynes. They'd be in NME/Q Magazine/Pitchfork before you know it.
  6. Thank god for Keisha.
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  7. I don't think they would. Regardless of the MKS tag, they are the Sugababes and everyone knows this and they are mainstream, regardless of how hard we wish otherwise. The major record labels want sales and a return on their investment.

    Siobhan solo is the only thing that was ever connected to an indie / left-field about Sugababes along with Flatline and that didn't sell.

  8. Everything was going to plan with Amelle as front woman but Keisha got jealous and couldn't handle it. She ruined it for everyone because of her spite.
  9. Baseless bullshit.
  10. What did she actually ruin?
  11. K94


    A mess is brewing.

    Not being funny but if someone took something you created and had been a part of for more than a decade and shafted you to the corner to become someone's bookend, you'd be pissed too.
  12. Can we stop going into the past especially in this thread? Its not like there's at least one suga member who doesnt have shameful moments in the past...
  13. If everything going to plan means one of Britain's greatest vocal girl groups being moulded into a depressing cookie cutter Primark/illuminati image, and forced to gyrate around whilst releasing generic 'Oh red ONEEE' shit music, then yes, I suppose it was going to plan.
  14. But do they have the name back?

    And what label have they signed to?

    These are the two questions no-one can definitely answer. And yet someone must know. It's obvious they're working on music and getting ready for a launch. But everything is so mysterious.
  15. What has this thread turned into? seriously. Its just a tragedy as Steps would say.
  16. Leave the thread, Gru. Do it now!

    We're in a strange limbo until the girls (allegedly) return in August.
  17. Keisha just started to follow Shiv's sister on Instagram. Shiv's sister has a photo of the girls with #thesugababes and that they are one of her 'clients'.
  18. I think we know the answer for the first question and we're just waiting for the announcement at the right time but yeah... the second one is a total mystery.
  19. She does make up right?
  20. Yes. Did Siobhan's solo campaigns and is linked to XFactor (the show, not the make-up brand) if I'm not mistaken but I will stand corrected on the last point.
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