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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Crown have submitted their "evidence".
    They've basically sent all the documents that show they already had the Sugababes trademark and I think they're arguing that Keisha shouldn't have been awarded an identical trademark back in November last year.
    If you can stretch your minds back, when Keisha won the US trademark she automatically got the EU one too. However it didn't replace Crowns existing trademark, it just existed alongside it.
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  5. Keisha said over Snapchat that she loves "the girls" (All Saints) and is happy for their success but what works for them would not work for "us".
  6. I think Siobhan was always the star of Sugababes in London's eyes and they stupidly invested everything in her, rather than the group. The solo deal Siobhan walked straight into after she left was an expensive gamble that failed to pay off, whilst Mutya and Keisha were able to carve out a successful career with them, which must've made London green with envy. Talk about backing the wrong horse!
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  7. Super duper messy.

    And yet Keisha has that trademark for America and Europe. Crown can eat shit.
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  8. Ugh, do you even know how lazy I am?
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  10. Thank you for this info.

    Do you think Keisha still has a strong case?
  11. Did they really need to prolong the period for this?! If they have those documents they must have had them all along. To not find them and show them sooner could mean that they're very messy and don't care much about these things. Or is this part of some highly refined legal work?
  12. I think so, I'm sure Keisha's team will have anticipated the type of evidence that Crown would produce.
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  13. I think it's just a case of dragging it out for as long as possible to make life difficult for the girls.
  14. I might sound silly but

    We should help them to win this endless fight and get back what belongs to them!
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  15. I just hope once this is all over they can give some sort of statement about all they've gone through to and why it's taken so long citing Crown's pettiness because they (Keisha) deserve to speak about it. And I'm sure they're (she's) dying to speak about it.

    Are the girls under some gag clause about bad mouthing Crown in any form presently? I don't see how they could be. This isn't a bash against them at all as I'm sure they (Keisha more than anyone) knows exactly what is best to do and not do (and lord knows she would talk if she thought it wouldn't be bad for her/them) but they know the fans would appreciate a direct and clear update on exactly what is happening and why it has to be this way (because Crown is acting like a brat).

    So I'm wondering if they're just being cautious about making a statement on the matter in any form given they would have to at least hint at a certain force attempting to hinder them. And given just how petty we now know Crown can actually be I wouldn't be surprised if they would try to spin even the smallest negative remark into slander claims trying to hinder Keisha's character which could maybe then influence her claim on the name?
  16. They have basically made a screen cap of the page of the trademark. That's their whole case. I'm pretty sure Keisha expected to face at least that evidence.

    Could someone explain to me this paragraph?
    In view of the foregoing the Opponent does not, at this time, intend to pursue its ground of opposition under Article 8.5 but reserves its right to do so at a later stage of the proceedings.
  17. We should all just storm the Crown offices and clear and end it finally!
  18. kal


    "We don't really have any use for the trademark but will pursue legal action if the girls earn any money from it. "

    I fucking hate Crown so much.
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