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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Yeah, "shot the cover" just means they took some photos. Not totally ruling a finished sleeve out, just seems too much to hope for. Not that we'd get to see it anyway.
  2. I always thought the pics from the Guardian shoot would have been a great album cover (the one with the water running through Siobhans hands). Almost a throwback to Angels cover.
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  3. RAV


    Anyone have HD of that photo shoot ?
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  4. So, I did a little rediscovery of Flatline and ugh, seriously one of the best girlband songs ever.

    The Blood Orange production, the striking lyrics and those harmonies all combined. I live, die and I'm reborn again before the track ends. It also has to be said that those glittery synths at the end has to be one of the best fade outs ever.

    Bring on 2017, babes!
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  5. I don't think it's a question of needing more time; Keisha will have submitted her evidence and statement pursuant to the court order and Crown would then do the same in return. The process takes several months due to the difficulty in obtaining some documents.
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  6. RAV


    Ironic and all we have had are leaks .
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  7. Just listened to Flatline, Lay Down In Swimming Pools, and Boys together. SIGH it's all great. This would be all be much easier if they sucked.
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  8. RAV


    Don't forget burnt out, back in the day , and entertainment.

    I notice not many talk about "entertainment". Very on bar with Flatline
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  9. RAV


    So far my MKS album goes like this:

    Lay down in swimming pools
    Burnt out
    I'm alright (live)
    Today (live)
    No regrets (live)
    Love me hard (live)
    Back in the day
    Love letters (bonus track with Metronomy).

    Technically we have an album
  10. I actually forgot Entertainment existed (I was never crazy about it) until a recent list of all their material was compiled...
    Does anyone else remember hearing rumors that they recorded a song with Rudimental???
    If it did indeed happen, I'm sad I never got to hear it...
  11. RAV


    I love it . Such a feel good summer song.

    Does anyone know the point , or how it came about , their random duet with Metronomy on stage in 2014?
  12. Entertainment was nice but I can't hear MKS on it, just S.
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  13. This fucking troll...

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  14. Well at least she is recording new music.
  15. Yes, Entertainment is excellent. Cat poo ??
  16. She's probably working on solo ventures.
  17. I find Entertainment so boring. I don't know there was a 'feature'. It's just grating. I have to be in a good mood to listen to it.
  18. Can we take a moment to address the fact that she acknowledged About You Now in the Snap that came afterwards???
    I always imagined that she despised that track with ever fiber of her being...
  19. Why the fuck do you keep changing everything you quote? Poo? Farts? Wanking? What's wrong with you.
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