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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Those clips sound amazing! This was shaping up to be a brilliant album.
  2. It amazes me that anyone thinks the tracks leaking would finish them. They have more or less confirmed that the tracks they recorded will NOT be released by them. The versions that exist are basically demos. Add to that the fact that the tracks are incredibly dated even if they're good. 'Today,' in particular is very of its time.

    If they are, indeed recording again, they will be recording new tracks.

    There's just this incredible sense of superiority by people that think that having the songs makes them better than anyone else.

    I've had so many comments both positive and negative with regards to the extremely low quality clips that I bloody what? We all wanted to hear these songs because we adore MKS/Sugababes.

    Put it this way - every time Kylie Minogue records an album, we end up with tonnes of leaked demos and unreleased songs. She gave Atomic Kitten an entire fucking album concept for crying out loud! And we still get to hear these 'gems.' But from where? Who leaks them? Who has them?

    For as long as there is music, and fandom, there will be leaks. And you can hate on me for as much as you like for posting (low quality) clips - but I'm no better or worse than any single one of you that either has the songs, or wants them.

    And THAT is end of my rant.
  3. The reality is that only a small number of fans will find/hear these leaks, so if they want to relaunch in 2017 with 4/5 year old tracks (from a former label relationship, unlikely) then they will be new to most people anyway. Bring on the flood please (since you went awaaaaay 3 years ago, at Christmaaaasssss....) [disclaimer: I may have been drinking whiskey for a few hours]
  4. kal


    As someone who is as eager to hear them as anyone else, the flood really needs to wait a bit more. At least until their court case is over. At least until we know what's going on? What if @anfunny2003 is right and these leaks damage their situation to a point of no return? Do any of us really want that?
  5. Merry Christmas!
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  6. This feels so wrong somehow..
    This could have been a brilliant record but now that everything seems to leak bit by bit, it doesn't help the situation.

    I just hope the girls get their shit together next year, I really do!
  7. It has been over three years since 'Flatline' and the girls are no closer to releasing an album than they were two and a half years ago, you girls should be praying for an Xmas miracle this leaks cause it's the only way you are ever going to hear it.

    Don't fret about it leaking, rejoice and bop.
  8. Can I ask why, out of interest? Not that I've heard the song, I'm just curious.

    I love that episode of Black Mirror, by the way!
  9. I've heard all of the snippets except 'Summer of 99' and they sounded amazing. Particularly 'I'm Alright' and 'Too In Love'.

    And as far as the whole thing leaking goes, that would be a real Christmas treat. And I refuse to feel bad because I'm not convinced that anything is actually happening with them next year (or ever again) anyway.
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  10. Not to speak on behalf of all the girls but surely if everything leaked... They'd be glad?

    Fans would finally stop constantly pestering them over certain tracks, "WHEN'S THE ALBUM COMING OUT?" and give them peace to get on with life.
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  11. MKS album is obviously not happening and even if these songs leak properly it's not like anyone other than the die hard fans are going to hear them.
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  12. They aren't using the songs. We know that.


    Presumably they have newer stuff ready to go for when/if they get the name back. It's time to set them free and let fans enjoy them. Funny because the people most opposed to the leaks on here are the ones that have hinted they already have the songs. It's kind of unfair to the rest of us.
  13. RAV


    Yeah I've reached a decision today that mks sugababes isn't going to happen . So leak away
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  14. I actually think eventually they will release an album even if they don't get the name back - but it'll be all new material whether it's out next year or in 2018-19.
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm such a big fan of your work in the Facebook group!
  16. What is this Facebook group?
  17. Too In Love is killing me.

    The worst thing about it all is that we have enough proof we've been waiting for something good instead a catastrophe. It would have been so good. In the end I guess I'm selfish enough to hope for everything to leak. Well at least Tonight, Alright, Too in love. So far that's what I really want.

    Love in stereo is a surprise and Drum is great too.
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  18. Can anyone just get all those snippets and post them on some tumblr, youtube or whatever place where regular people/users could listen to them too? Please and thank you

    I do apreciate someone from that group is leaking some snippets but i still despise that FB page

    Edit: Nevermind, found it
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  19. Misery Kii Sorcery
  20. No, the sense of superiority from some simply comes from knowing that they didn't just decide they could stick the unreleased work of writers, performers and artists online for people to steal. They kept them safe. Every time something is leaked, it means it's worthless to it's creator and lost potential income. Imagine arriving at work one day to find someone got there before you, volunteered to do all your work for free and as a result, no one wants you to stay and they send you home without pay. A ridiculous analogy but I don't know how better to illustrate it from a music industry viewpoint.... and that's my rant over.
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