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No, the sense of superiority from some simply comes from knowing that they didn't just decide they could stick the unreleased work of writers, performers and artists online for people to steal. They kept them safe. Every time something is leaked, it means it's worthless to it's creator and lost potential income. Imagine arriving at work one day to find someone got there before you, volunteered to do all your work for free and as a result, no one wants you to stay and they send you home without pay. A ridiculous analogy but I don't know how better to illustrate it from a music industry viewpoint.... and that's my rant over.

They were low quality clips.

And to be quite frank, if I got to work to find someone else was doing it for me I'd be elated
Perhaps in some strange way these leaks are a part of Keisha's evidence for the court case...

I hope wherever they are coming from and whoever is sharing them on, had them all labelled as SUGABABES...

Keisha could then say that us fans have some of their material recorded in the last couple of years labelled as Sugababes knowing it is MKS and thus we see them as being the Sugababes now/again.

She doesn't need all that trickery. She has 6 albums and 23 singles with her picture on the cover. Crown has nothing because since they never got to release Freedom, all the music was sold by Island (which has its own separate rights to use the name) and the perfumes made use of a different trademark.
If these songs were to be used by other artists, wouldn't they have been released already? It's been ages. So far we only know of Too In Love which was just the instrumental.
They were low quality clips.
It's not about the quality, or the fact they were demos or the low number of people that would've heard it. Once it's leaked, it's leaked. We've had people in this very thread, including Tom Apsaul, mention the awful position they were put in when tracks they wrote/produced got leaked, even in low quality/demo form. The leaks guarantee that these tracks won't ever be released by the girls, and probably puts them in a bind with working with those writers/producers in future (so yeah, it's not just about these tracks). Without knowing the exact status on the tracks, and frankly without bothering to wait a few months until their legal situation was sorted, that was an incredibly shitty thing to do. And all because of the "sense of superiority" of the few people that had the songs? (Or, in other words, not breaching the trust of those who gave them the songs).

But whatever, right?
Great, so you made them sound shit. You've been sending the full tracks to others privately, apparently.

Ooh you're such a super sleuth. So what? I've sent the full versions to a few people and I'm not the only one that's done that either. It's funny what people will offer to send you once they think you have a track or two isn't it?

It's easy for you to judge me but you've been sitting on all the recorded songs for ages. What makes you so special that you should have them?

Merry Christmas guys.

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It's easy for you to judge me but you've been sitting on all the recorded songs for ages. What makes you so special that you should have them

My work.

As I have said, music will always leak one way or another.

I was incredibly drunk when I uploaded those clips. And frankly I don't regret doing it either - not a single one of us deserves to hear the tracks more or less than each other.

Unless it's your job to hear them.

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Ha! I love how it's being made out that I've just been sending the tracks to anyone that asks.

I sent them to friends.

Great "friends"! They're quite happy to drop you in it and tell anyone who sent them the tracks... and then pass them on.
Great "friends"! They're quite happy to drop you in it and tell anyone who sent them the tracks... and then pass them on.

I couldn't give a fuck what they choose to do once I've sent them the tracks. They're internet friends, who I have known for a long time. The can drop me in it all they like - I posted clips, I obviously don't give a flying fuck who knows I have them.
The Great Sugababes Leak Meltdown Christmas 2016.

The next chapter in a story that never was anything but a roller coaster.

I dreamt more than three years of hearing a full Today. I literally dreamt about it a couple times. Now I did. So I have to be kind of selfish and like what happens. In the end I would have wanted things to work out differently but that's that.

With that said I'd still move mountains if I could do anything to have them releasing something official again.
"How DARE you leak the stolen work of creatives that I too illegally have in my possession when I shouldn't."

Anyway, from the clips and full leaks, not a single thing sounds like a hit besides Boys. They're stupid for going with Flatline instead. And at this point, anything they release will peak at #78 from sales and miss the real chart when streaming is added in.
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