Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

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Lets chill out a bit

Keisha implied, several times, they will have new songs. Also they said openly their friends and families had the songs ages ago. And not just them. Many "insiders" have them. We knew that for years.

If anything its astonishing how long they stayed hidden despite so many people having them

Boys leaked. And yet it seems the world doesnt care outside of the usual Sugababes fanatics that we are
Exactly. I'm quite fortunate that when I look up from my phone I have a life. I leaked a few clips and yet the world didn't end. SHOCK HORROR.


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Merry Christmas, PopJustice. Now seems a good time to close the thread. Leaking songs is not a good thing to do but I'm sure anyone who's interested will gladly listen to the songs when they do; it's a debate that can go round in circles forever. Nothing new is happening with Mutya Keisha Siobhan until Keisha's legal team submit evidence towards the end of February and then I believe Crown might still have a chance to respond to that before a decision is made? Not sure. Either way, enough is enough, there is no news to discuss until further notice. Message me or one of the other moderators if anything new happens and we'll unlock the thread; otherwise there's a Sugababes thread in the Comeback Corner section of the forum where you can discuss the merits of each line up, their discography and their social media musings. Alternatively, check out the discography rate being hosted by @beyoncésweave - lots of intelligent discussion about the music and we're only about half way through.
Not open for further replies.