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Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. And Mutya just turns up and sings... ?
  2. She's bringing the realness.
  3. I prefer all 3 of them! Can't choose between them they just to perfect together. Mutya's voice is smooth, very soulfull. Keisha I think the most versitale, soulfull, powerful yet can be smooth and poppy aswell. Siobhan has the most unique voice and singing wise and still be soulfull. Together they just MAGIC!!!
    Personality wise I do prefer Keisha she's to random in interviews although sometimes she talks for ages.
  4. Re: Mutya/Keisha/Siobhan. They're back.

    Absolutely. They are all brilliant for different reasons. I could name all three as a favourite. Mutya, for me, is the heart of the group with a big voice. Keisha is the performer and popstar with a big voice. Siobhan is the quirky English Rose with a big voice. Yes, they've all got big voices. Hurrah! I'm just so excited about the reunion. They're a proper pop powerhouse.
  5. Also Keisha's voice holds the harmonies together her voice goes well with Mutya's lower notes and Siobhan's higher notes. In the debut days it was Siobhan's voice that held it together wich was obvious when Heidi joined those 2.0 harmonies specialy in the beginning were not as great.
  6. Re: Mutya/Keisha/Siobhan. They're back.

    It's hard to pick favourites with the original lineup as they were and still are so different individually but together it works (those harmonies!) but Keisha is without a doubt my favourite from day one. she really was the backbone of the Sugababes.
  7. I want this to be the first single, SO BADLY !
  8. What bugs me is that they're so reluctant to tell us their plans. Is this the first single or is it something else? When will we get to hear the full version? Do they even know?
  9. Re: Mutya/Keisha/Siobhan. They're back.

    At the beginning it was pretty much all about Keisha for me but then 'Revolution In Me' and 'Ghosts' happened. But I love Mutya so much too so nowadays I can't really say who's my favourite. But being able to like them as a group again is the best anyways.
  10. It's really hard to not have an actual date now something is actually out. I guess it'll be another two or three weeks until we get an announcement of a date. The actual full song will follow another month later.
  11. Really? Source?
  12. Ditto! I need the full thing so bad but even the snippet sounds like an 2013 favourite song of mine.

    What a time! MKS song, new Pokemon games,Amelle will announce something very soon (apparently), i've just bought my copy of Casual Vacancy (late i know). Now all i need is full Boys as icing on the cake! Happy times, happy All6!
  13. They're not manager-less, they're managed by these guys (Siobhan's previous management) - you will see them in their management roster
  14. Whomever told you this must have lied to you. As they aren't manager-less.
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  15. My Mistake, I was told this a while back when they had severed ties with Felix.
  16. Don't worry about it. Out of curiosity what else did you hear?
  17. Nothing groundbreaking, just that Siobhan was very 'on it' with regards to business decisions. Living in East London and knowing a fair few media types you get to hear a few grapevine tidbits, but don't take anything I say as gospel. Could be complete bullshit for all I know.
  18. LJB


    Well, if they're using Siobhan's former manager and Siobhan's former photo PR company, that could very well be accurate.
  19. Oh great, cause Siobhan knows so much about having a succesful music career! Oh great, no wonder they only seem to be aiming for a niche hipster crowd! A good PR manager would've had them give a proper press conference to announce their comeback and have them doing interviews in bigge publications than Ponystep which nobody reads. And a higher profile comeback gig too.
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