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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rofo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. It isn't worth it, Superglowy. MKS, well they're a pop group - and their radio silence isn't something to 'troll' anyone about, because we don't know what's happening. By all means post every three months or so...if you're still here!
  2. Maybe MKS will have a song about this on their album that will help me. Kirkland playing amateur shrink is almost as bad as MKS playing amateur popstars except Kirkland can actually score the odd successful hit.

    P.S. I do genuinely hope you guys get the album #SOON.
  3. I'm not trying to be mean spirited, superglowy. Honestly, I speak from experience when it comes to deliberately pissing off pop fans.

    Thank you. I think the closest you'll come to a 'successful hit' is when a mugger punches you in the toilet.
  4. I thought you were better than this basic as fuck response Kirkland. Pick up your game.
  5. Compare Azealia's EP, mixtape, one off tracks and three singles to a single song and a SoundCloud exclusive remix... I think this thread should be taken to the Comeback sub-forum until further notice. I'm sure there's something in the pipeline but it's annoying having to trawl through tens of pages to check whether there's news because of pointless discussions.
  6. ... at least superglowy will get to meet Cheryl Cole?
  7. Maybe she will let me hear one of the Sia songs she got as an MKS hand off as I enjoy my lolly. #Justice4Amogbokpa
  8. I think I've made my point quite effectively.

    I absolutely agree, but people keep posting nonsense and bringing the thread up to the top of the page. So this is going to happen - and It isn't unique to this thread. Poor Gaga is still being forced to eat her makeup in her thread because of her her app, which hasn't materialised. Will she ever become the cultural interface through which all culture is interfaced?

    Yes, I thought someone might post that...but at least no-one suggested Amelle!
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  9. e.g. "Something's definitely happening in AUGUST!"
  10. Don't worry Smooth Criminal, Kirkland is just cranky he has more post counts than 'Flatline' had download sales (its a SICKNESS!). Why would anyone wanna meet Amelle?
  11. Ah, but to be fair on the fans who posted about that 'news', it was reported in a publication, the veracity of which could go either way. If it had been in The Green Room, I would have doubted it instantly! But only because I actually doubt everything that goes into that column.
  12. I don't even like MKS and I'm getting frustrated waiting for them to do something with credence. Still 15 days left in August I guess...
  13. If the thread really does depress/grate you, please stop reading it. I'm sure any 'news', if it comes, will be posted on the PJ front page.
  14. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    No, you won't. Because if you come back in this thread deliberately trolling - as you have admitted you do - your account will be deleted. SOON.
  15. What is your issue with me SockMonkey? People 'troll' Christina in her thread all the time and I take it with the humour and 'non issue' it should be taken with it, but someone makes a few jokes about MKS, you threaten bans.

    Its either one rule for everyone or none at all. Calm the hell down and quit with the power trip 'ban threats'.
  16. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    What's the point in coming into a thread purely to troll it? There's nothing even going on with MKS right now anyway, so when you come in here to make some sarcastic comment to wind people up, it sticks out like a sore thumb because there's nothing else to discuss - whereas in the Christina thread, as an example, I'd assume she's doing things that people are able to comment on. I don't know, because I don't follow her career; so if you make a comment poking fun at her in amongst comments about her upcoming album or film or TV appearance, it wouldn't be an issue. I only post in threads that interest me; and I don't post in threads solely to poke fun at the artist, so I really don't get why you would make a point of coming into this thread purely to wind up people who do care about this band. Now, of course, I'm only adding to the problem because I also have nothing to discuss re: MKS, but I'll try my best.

    It was mostly just irritating that Keisha posted that Instagram clip of them singing what must be a very old song. We are no further forward, except now we've heard a bit of a song that may or may not make an album that may or may not be released. I'm frustrated with their situation and I'm more frustrated that they don't appear to give a shit anymore - Mutya doesn't bother talking about MKS with fans, Siobhan very rarely does and even Keisha, who's great for hyping the fans up, appears to have stopped talking about it. It comes across like they're over it. I ceased being excited about this album months ago. This time last year I was listening to Flatline on repeat looking forward to its release and thinking that by Christmas we'd definitely have a second single and potentially the album. I am so bitter that we still don't have it, to the point where even though I'll be delighted whenever (if ever, I should say!) we get the thing, it won't be the wonderful experience it should have been because I stopped being an excited fan ages ago.
  17. kal


    So instead of reporting posts in the Christina thread, you go in the MKS thread and to the same.

    Makes perfect sense.
  18. No, I just don't give a fuck about what other people say about Christina. It doesn't affect my love for her, her music or my 'stanning' what other people say about Christina. Only a weak bitch reports and I honestly couldn't care what someone else thinks about Legendtina Goduilera! I also enjoy alot of the 'Flop-tina' jokes #ForgiveMeLegend!
  19. So I come to read the last page of an MKS thread to see the following artists being mentioned:

    Christina Aguilera

    I'm not a mod, but stay on topic people.
  20. What is there to stay topic on? Keisha's hair? Mutya's ass?
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