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My kingdom for a dark forum theme

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Bon Frère, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. The Popjustice forums is one of the few websites I frequently peruse without some form of dark screen mode. It’d make my eyes so much happier if such a thing could be done.

    I’d even go so far to chip in a couple quid if the theme had to be commissioned or purchased or whatever. Thanks kindly.
  2. It isn't a native PopJustice solution but if you use Chrome or Firefox and are willing to use a browser extension there's stuff like Dark Reader. It works on all sites and can be toggled on and off for each one at your own choosing.

    edit: I only mention this because there's literally no option dddddd. If it ever became a paid feature I'll remove this.
  3. While I do super appreciate the suggestion, unfortunately the majority of my Popjustice browsing is solely on mobile Safari, which sadly doesn’t have that (or any) extension. I’d rather rally up the support and awareness for a built in theme solution to save our eyes on all of our devices.
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