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Mya (Harrison)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by iwouldfixyou, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Fear of Flying is her best album and one my favorite albums from the early 2000's in general. So many bops!

    Moodring and K.I.S.S. are also really great. The latter has some truly scream-worthy sequels to Whatever Bitch:

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  2. This should have been a single, and since there were only three, we can just consider this the honorary fourth one.
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  4. I am listening now, I really hope they keep getting more Pop legends on for interviews. My favourite podcast and I'm not a big podcast kinda guy.
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  5. This is so comforting.
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    I’m bopping.

  7. The (Harrison) in the title is killing me.
    Is there any other?
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  8. Down is still that sensual bop, and a masterclass on how to make a lush looking video on a shoestring budget.
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    Dddd it’s because you can’t use forum search for any word with fewer than three letters, so a forum search for “Mya” alone will give you nothing. This was discussed on the previous page.

    But yeah, I suppose you could argue that Ms Harrison could be confused with Myya:

    or the duo MYA:
  10. Random Mýa fact you didn't need to know, that I learned from owning multiple copies of the same album:

    The versions of "Free" on the US and UK versions of the album are slightly different. They are the same length, but the US version fades out whereas the UK version doesn't fade and ends on a final "I'm Free." The UK version is also the "Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis" version on the single.
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  11. I did not know this! Both versions are now on Spotify since they did the deluxe album re-issue.

    UK version
    U.S. version

    As I stopped going to so many gigs this year I finally managed to splash out and treat myself to the three Mya albums I didn’t have from her official store (“K.I.S.S.” - I actually emailed them about that one as it wasn’t on their website but they found a copy for me - “Smoove Jones” and “TKO”). She really is so underrated. I love “Team You”, “Take Him Out”, “Welcome To My World”, “One Man Woman”, “Ready Part III” in particular.

    Been nice to see her do her career in music special on The Vault too and see some videos I’d never seen on UK TV.
  12. My 14 year old self was obsessed with this little gem.

    Fear Of Flying is an amazing album. Also, How You Gonna Tell Me? The l.y.r.i.c.s.!

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    Now or Never is my favorite on Fear of Flying.
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  14. Fear Of Flying is such an amazing album I love nearly every track but my standouts are:

    Case Of The Ex
    How You Gonna Tell Me
    Now Or Never
    Whatever Bitch
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  16. This just came up on my Discover Weekly. It bops!
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