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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by iwouldfixyou, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. She of Ghetto Superstar fame.

    She of a moderalty succesful solo career.

    She was the quietist on the lady marmalade rehash.

    where is she now?
  2. All I knwo that she is recording her new album and every month some shit track leaks.
  3. Im not that familiar with her solo stuff. Was it any cop?

    She was in Chigago (the film) wwasnt she? Was she also in Fame?
  4. was she the same mya that sang 'Private emotion' with well known hetrosexual pop star ricky martin?

    I love that song!
  5. No, thaty was well misguided Kelis wasnt it,

    oh no, wait, was that the Englaisus child...
  6. That was Meja who also released the amazing 'All about the money'
  7. All the Mya tracks I remember are duets or with many other artist.. The first track she released was All About Me with Sisqo, Next I remember was Ghetto Super Star with Pras, then Take me there with Mase & erm Blackstreet, Best of Me With jadakis, then lady marmalade with the "girls". So looks to me like Mya belongs in a group, not as a solo artist... since I cant think of any tracks I know from her that she was on alone.
  8. I have 2 of her albums, Fear Of Flying which spawned the singles Case Of The Ex and Free. And the follow up album Moodring which featured the track My Love Is Like...Wo.

    But her new "leaked" tracks all sound bland and dated to me.
  9. There was 'Case of the ex' "now what is it that she wants? now what is it that she needs? Did she hear about the brand new (benz?) that you just bought for me?" Great tune.
  10. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Moodring was kinda ace, in a I don't hate any of the tracks kinda way.

    The Saun Paul duet could save her but it was never released. Her Tom Petty cover was great too.
  11. I vaguley remember that track. I think it was the only one she performed the time she was at a roadshow I was backstage at (I wasnt exactly watching her.. mind you.. so she could have done a full set) I just remember that cause I can picture canes or something maybe chairs used during the chorus.. Still that is 1 track.. on her own.. not very impressive
  12. I remember being really perplexed at the time when My Love Is Like....Woah wasn't a massive hit on either side of the atlantic. I still am in fact. Especially given the accompanying video's excellent (tap)dance break.
  13. I always wanted Meja to release more of her own stuff on these shores. Her voice sounded very beautiful on Private Emotion. If anything I would have preferred it if she sang the whole song. I'm not sure, but I think one of her songs was used on a beach volleyball X-Box game as well.

    Anyway, back on topic to Mya. I liked her a lot. It's a shame that she didn't enjoy a career resurgence like all the other girls involved in Lady Marmalade. She was probably the best thing about Ghetto Superstar and Case Of The Ex was fantastic. She was, and I presume still is, a very gorgeous girl as well. A shame she just seemed to disappear into thin air.
  14. I liked 'Free' especially the dance routine at the end of the video.
  15. Whatever Bitch was just a renewed version of Whatever Chick (from the Fear Of Flying album) with the word Chick removed and Bitch added.
  16. Case of The Ex was a great tune, especially when accompanied by the dance using planks of wood.

    Certainly put Liberty X's piddly little walking sticks in the shade.
  17. oh god i remeber that! She's a right little mover!
  18. I can't believe I found this thread. I couldn't even search for it because "Mya" is too short a word and if the autocorrect tries to change it to May one more time I'm gonna scream. Mya has always been iconic, I could list five or six songs by her that I live for, but I came here today to post her next-level response to the rumor that she's Jay Z's side piece:

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  19. OK while I'm here I might as well post my all-time favorite, Ridin.

  20. Has she? Hardly up there with the greats, as much as I love Case of the Ex.
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