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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by iwouldfixyou, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Well obviously icon status is subjective since the last post before mine was in 2006 hehe. Maybe there's another one in the main thread, she's still recording I think.
  2. (but personally she is one of my greats at least. Check out Things Come And Go:

  3. I can't remember if there is a thread for her in the general forum, but I know we've discussed her (very good) new EPs in the General R&B thread.
  4. I was coming to say, she still makes music, or at least has fairly recently. "Evolve" is one of my jams, love that song, and very Mya but current. I actually watch back old Mya performances and am blown away by what a talented performer she is. Singing, dancing, she is fantastic at both. Out of all the Lady Marmalade girls, I'm sorry she's had the lowest profile.
  5. Her Fear Of Flying album is an R&B classic, no duds. Moodring is a bit overlong, but also rather great.
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  6. I loved the Moodring album when I was younger. 'Fallen', 'Why You Gotta Look So Good?' and 'Moodring' are all my favourites. Some of her other tracks like great too like 'Sorry' and the rock-infused 'Escape' and 'Control Freak'. People used to think that 'Escape' was actually called 'It's Gay' haha!

    I'm surprised this track hasn't been mentioned yet.

  7. "Like Woah" is actually a phrase I still use often to describe amazingness.
  8. OMG I had never heard Evolve and I love it! Thank you so much! Lord I agree with you it's a damn shame she isn't more successful but I heard she's still big in Japan or something?

    I'm going to follow my renewed Mya infatuation and report back with more info here or in the main thread, but until then here's another (in my book at least…viewed 3.4 million times) Mya classic:


    ETA: Just saw that My Bra post…another one I'd never heard I feel like such a Mya poser. I need to spend more time with My Bra and try and process it hehe.
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  9. Boh


    I took a listen to 'My love is like..Wo' and I really like the instrumental for it. More appreciation for it's production :)

    I also liked her duet with Guy Sebastian ages ago.

    I did catch her in that terrible Wes Craven film 'Cursed' reminding me about her music. Hope she brings out more music soon.
  10. Anyone know if Mya has a Christmas song, live, recorded, or other?
  11. I've never come across any. Quite surprising given how many releases she's had.
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  12. I used to like Case of the EX.
  13. Case of the Ex is a bop. Fear of Flying is such a fab album. Taking Me Over with Left Eye is my favorite, but Pussycasts, Again & Again, Free, Now Or Never - all fantastic tunes. It really is a who's who of early 2000's royalty. Jam & Lewis, Tricky & The-Dream, Wyclef, Robin Thicke, Kandi Buruss, Darkchild.

    Moodring is less solid but still very good. I adore the Jam & Lewis tracks, they are so Janet. My Love is Like Wo is a classic. Again, a fabulous lineup of collaborators. Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Jam & Lewis, Diane Warren, and even P!NK. Not a fan of Sean Paul but it was certainly ahead of it's time to have him on the album!

    I also love It's All About Me and My First Night With You, not to mention her collab hits Ghetto Superstar, Lady Marmalade, and Take Me There.

    Shame about the material that followed.
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  15. For what?!
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  16. Best R&B album for "Smoove Jones"!
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  17. Mayola!!1
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  18. Satanic Queen of Pop.
  19. There's a new single out, called You Got Me:

    Mess at the title on Spotify being "Mya_you Got Me_clean_master 2". Somebody fire that intern.
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  20. That's hilarious. And probably no intern but Mya herself. Issa bop!
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