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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by outsync, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Why does this girl not have an album out already? Her MySpace is filled with cracking trashy pop songs. Candy From Strangers (thought to be a Britney demo), Feet On The Ground (same), Lovedrug, Stiletto Sex are all great and I'm sure these would appeal to a lot of people here.
  2. 3Xs


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEE!!!1111!1! Myah Marie.

    Her songs are so slutty and over the top. And I love her baby-like vocals. I agree! She needs a proper album out already! Though, she has about 2 dozen songs floating around the internet, so I just created my own fan album on my iTunes and it is very very good!

    Anyway, enough gushing for one post.
  3. I really like the track "Candy from a Stranger". I remember when the internet was going crazy because they thought that it was the Britney 'comeback' single.
  4. DNW...

    Low rent Britney Spears wannabe......

    But...I do agree her songs are catchy!
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