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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 6896, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. I thought it was about time we had a general thread as hopefully the mother of all French pop will be back soon now that she has signed a new deal. 'Interstellaires' left me a little cold so let's hope for something amazing.

    I'm playing 'Innamoramento' for the first time in a while and I think it may be a little under appreciated.

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  2. She is the queen! What kind of deal has she signed? Has she changed labels? Who's producing her new album? Is there a date on the horizon?
    I think Interstellaires is my least played album of hers.
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  3. [​IMG]

    I’ve started a Mylène love-in on the commute playing all the albums chronologically. ‘Cendres de Lune’ gets better everytime I play it, I came to MF late so I didn’t pay it much attention for a long time. It sounds earlier than it’s 1986 release date, it’s got a touch of goth about it and the singles are of course classics. I must get it on record. Anybody else a fan?
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  4. I didn't see her live until this in 2006........I'm not sure I've ever properly recovered from seeing her that night for the first time at Bercy. I've been to all the concerts since but it really is never as good as the first time.

    And then of course there was the waterfall which I wasn't aware of in advance...mind blown etc.

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  5. I find myself unable to say which direction I would like her to follow. I want her to surprise me.
    no english songs please.
  6. I could not agree more!
  7. This is something I really need to do myself. Not the commute, but playing the albums in order. I came onboard in 2001 with the Les Mots compilation and have been picking up the earlier albums whenever I happen to have spotted them in used/collectors stores over the years. Everything post-2002 I have managed to get more or less around the release date, or in the case of Bleu Noir and the 2001-2011 collection, in the HMV sales. I finally got Interstellaires this week and the bloody copy was smashed to bits, with no replacement offered or available, so I am still needing to find that one.
  8. Eric don’t break your neck, it’s the least essential album.
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  9. jtm


    It‘s a fucking great album though..
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  10. Apart from that awful cover and I don’t mean Stolen Car.
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  11. Is the Sting duet version on the actual album? This was one motive for getting it sooner rather than later, for my Sting project.
  12. Yes ‘Stolen Car’ is on there and I’ve grown to like it but it’s the Cheap Trick cover that blocks my chakras. Jesus, it’s an abomination.
  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I kinda like the cover even if looks like a TV Movie for Syfy.
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  14. I really liked Interstellaires. I deleted Want You To Want Me, though.
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Me doing my Christmas caroling:

    I'm trying to find that iconic Libertine performance with Mylene dancing outside on some French castle/ruins/landmark.
  16. That ending floors me everytime.
    You're lucky you saw the Avant que l'ombre tour first; mine was Mylène N°5, which felt underwhelming, especially after having watched her previous tours on VHS so many times.
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  17. When was the last time your fave strapped herself to the front of a train in the name of pop music?!

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  18. My wishes when it comes to her next album:
    1. No Laurent Boutonnat. I am not here for his dated and cheap sounding production.
    2. No covers.
    3. No songs in English.
    4. No duets.
    5. I hope that album cover will be at least as good as "Interstellaires".
    6. At least 2 beautiful and memorable videos.
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  19. I love Laurent Boutonnat, he's the reason why I love Mylène so much.

    Nobody's talking about the fact that we got the extended version of plus grandir and the tristana soundtrack for the first time in digital yesterday?
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