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Mylène Farmer et Julia : Discussion Générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Bleu Noir, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. That footage looks breathtakingly amazing. So jealous of everyone who went.
  2. The RedOne tracks were exactly what Mylene x RedOne should've sounded like. I lived.
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  3. Luc


    For the Julia fans : She teased what is rumoured to be her next single on Instagram.

    Passe... Comme Tu Sais
    sounds like a typical Farmer/Boutonnat midtempo production!

  4. When did Ainsi soit-je get on American steaming?
  5. On repeat.....don’t understand why this relegated to b-side status.

  6. Haha you mean.
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  7. I am loving this new old school mid-tempo tube from Julia:

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  8. Track 8 on Mes Courants Éléctriques realness.

    I obviously love it.
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  9. This is lovely. It really shows off Julia’s strong vocals.
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  10. It just gets better and better with every listen, definitely her strongest single so far for me. Do we expect to see an album at some stage? I expect she is not having the success that was hoped for in France? No CD Maxi for the last single either which isn't a great sign? Too many questions!
  11. Ok but Hey! Amigo! is amazing and Julia's voice on that would be amazing.
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  12. Poor girl ain't having any.
  13. That is very depressing to hear but as @Vasilios said earlier it's not trap!
  14. Luc


    The first single from the Live 2019 album is the Moby produced track M'Effondre..

  15. 2019 Le Film showing one night only at Odeon Leicester Square on 7/11 at 8pm - just booked two tickets, a good few still left. Can’t wait!
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  16. Do we have any idea of when the dvd/Blu Ray is coming out?
  17. ba di dou di das
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  18. That is so sad. She is so beautiful and her voice does its job. Still I would like her to work with some other people like Zazie.
  19. Luc


    The DVD/Bluray should be out in December!

    The Live 2019 album is now available on all digital platforms for your listening pleasure..

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  20. The deluxe 2CD/Book is gorgeous - just arrived today.

    Just playing it through.....sounding great, doesn't sound over loud or compressed.

    Roll on the DVD/Blu-ray asap!
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