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Mylène Farmer et Julia : Discussion Générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Bleu Noir, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Luc


    Julia's new music video for Passe... Comme Tu Sais, directed by Laurent Boutonnat.

  2. I've listened to Mylène's debut and Ainsi Soit Je for the first time and.. she really is incredible in a otherworldly way right?

    I've had a few misconceptions about pre-00's French pop music, so I feared that the production would particularly turn me off. However, that aspect is the biggest surprise as it has aged so well. The arrangements are constantly intricate and each song has got so much depth, that listening to her music feel like I'm literally immersed in another world. I'm only two albums deep, and I'm already stunned by the musical universe she has managed to craft this early. A cinematic soundscape that includes dark and ethereal elements mixed with pop centric hooks? Just inject this into my veins!

    On a more serious note, another aspect that makes my journey through her discography even more fun is backwardly picking up her influence on more recent artists. I might be reaching because I have no idea about her international impact, but from now on, I expect to be reminded of her when I go back to Bat For Lashes' Lost Girls.

    By the way, for the French users out there, it looks like the set from "Live 2019" will be aired on W9 on the 14th.
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  3. I met some French guy who’s a Mylene stan and we both dragged Julia but I love Sexto and he can’t stand it.
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  4. ssa


    The French can't seem to get how brilliant SEXTO is.
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  5. Or they haven’t had enough tequila shots.
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  6. Farmer and Boutonnat can do better than that, they actually did with Alizée. Plus the whole Lolita muse thing felt cute 20 years ago, these days... not so much.
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  7. XXX


    Ok but #MeSuisTrompée is the real classic.
  8. 'Creates a scandal and I love it' vibes.
  9. ssa



    But SEXTO is just so out of touch with reality, out of this time and frankly horrific.
    It just fell spectacularly flat when it should've created some sort of niche army of ironic stans.

    Like me.

  10. I love Passe... Comme tu sais though, in all its 2003's Mes Courants Electriques glory!
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  11. Can someone somewhere arrange for MF to do an album with Trevor Horn asap.
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  12. Luc


    Mylène made a special appearance at Jean Paul Gaultier's final Haute Couture Fashion Show in Paris (He recently announced his retirement).

    She walked the runway to Sans Contrefaçon.


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  13. What a lqqk.
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  14. She is serving!
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  15. This came on my ipod on shuffle today, I always thought it should have been a single but she has never even done it live.

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  16. She probably can't sing it live; it is way too high.
  17. I did think that but didn't dare say it.

    I wonder what she'll do next? New album 2021 I suppose.
  18. Luc


    Julia's first album produced by Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat will be out on April 3 !


    2. My Lovely Day
    3. Baptême en l'air
    4. Et toi mon amour
    5. La vie coule
    6. SEXTO
    7. 9 vies
    8. Passe... comme tu sais
    9. Utopie
    10. Même pas mal
    11. Mon héritage
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  19. That's my birthday! Thank you Mylene and Julia for this amazing present.
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  20. Mystic @Larsen
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