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Mylène Farmer et Julia : Discussion Générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 6896, Nov 30, 2017.

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    The vibe of the song is soo good, you can really lose yourself to it. Especially the instrumental immediately after the second chorus (in the single version) with the ''ah ah ah ah ah'' coming on in is so dreamy.

    I do think the album version is too long. Interestingly they included the single version on her best of '2001.2011', while for literally any other song (except 'Je t'aime mélancolie') they used the album version. I wonder why they did it but it works out well for me.
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  2. Dégénération is an 11. Dégénération followed by Appelle mon numéro was such a 1-2 punch. C'est dans l'air is amazing as well.
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    Not this 'Si j'avais au moins..' ERASURE. One of her best songs.
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  4. I was listening to Gourmandises and what do you guys reckon, would Mylene have had success with that and Mes Courants Électriques (of course had the lyrics been altered) or would it have been considered an artistic step backwards for her at the time and overexposure to have two additional albums between Innamoramento and Avant Que L'ombre? The songs are pure Farmer-Boutonnat and I definitely wouldn't have had anybody else but Alizee front them, but it's an interesting thought to ponder.

    Lui ou toi, Mon maquis are "grown up" and gothic enough to satisfy people longing for artsy Mylene and the other tracks are all amazing Pop bops.
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  5. Blue Noir is stunning! Oui Mais... Non is so of it’s time but these Moby tracks are gorgeous!
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  6. The artistic step backwards came anyway with lesser material like Point de Suture and, above all, the abominable Monkey Me. Those two albums wish they were as good as Mes Courants Électriques... and especially Gourmandises.
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  7. I wanted to watch the Tristana video last night and didn't want to dig out my DVD, but it seems to be gone from YouTube. Rude. But I found this performance I've never seen before:

    She was (and still is!) so classically beautiful. She would have been a star in any time.
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    Reminder that Julia's album is out on the 19th!
  10. Let's team up for the June Charts then!
  11. ssa


    Do you think she'll remember?

    'Cause I'm sure no one else (but you) will.
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  12. I am excited but fear she might have released her best four tracks already and the rest of the album is a bit naff. Are there clips to listen to somewhere?
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  13. She's releasing a song called My Lovely Day on Friday, just a week before the release of the album.

    I am definitely going to buy the vinyl: the girl is really nice, gentle, sweet and could do with some support.
  14. ssa


    That title sounds... pretty lame.

    Might it be the English version of C'est une belle journée?

    We can all pray.
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  15. How are you supposed to find any info about her when her name is so common!?
    like, i don't even know what words to use to get info about her, all i get is Julia Child and her french coocking book...
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    I just use her instagram. It's @julia
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  17. I pre-ordered the CD. Let me throw my coin at Mademoiselle. Does she have any kind of cute little social-distanced TV performances or radio interviews lined up?
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  18. My Lovely Day is beautiful. At this point I think I’m past ironically stanning Julia and I just fully stan ha.
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  19. Same thing here.

    Also, is it Mylène's voice which is sampled in the middle 8 (and first few seconds) of the new song?
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  20. Island

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    My Lovely Day is gorgeous.
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