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Mylène Farmer et Julia : Discussion Générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 6896, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Julia's album has just been released. I've listened to all the new songs and, well, there are things I like there but I don't want Laurent anywhere near a Mylène album in the future.

    This may be a goodish album for a young 17 year-old girl but as somebody who has listened to Gourmandises, Mes Courants Éléctriques..., Point de suture and Monkey Me, I can't hear anything here which I haven't heard (in better versions) a fucking hundred times.

    I wish Julia all the best (she seems to be genuinely lovely, innocent and very natural) and will buy it to support her but Laurent needs to improve his productions. Or, at this point, to simply stop trying.
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  2. I've just listened to them and I had the exact same thought.

    I was hoping for Laurent to redeem himself after that awful Monkey Me album but alas...
  3. I like the album a lot! It's nothing groundbreaking (then again I doubt anyone was expecting that), but it's an extremely enjoyable and solid listen which definitely lives up to the singles, and the Mylène/Alizée throwback aspect of it is very appreciated.

    9 vies is the one for me

    We know the good sis isn't going to set the charts alight, so I was happy to buy the CD and support her. Ended up getting a couple of Mylène albums I didn't have and a few other French albums since they were so cheap on

    Angèle - Brol La Suite
    Clara Luciani - Sainte Victoire
    Julien Doré - &
    Mylène Farmer - Désobéissance
    Mylène Farmer - L'Autre
    Nolwenn Leroy - Histoires Naurelles
    Zazie - Zest Of

  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Can you send me pics of the Nolwenn booklet when you get it, please?
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  5. Sure, as long as you purchase a copy of Passe... comme tu sais x

    I've been a fan of Histoires Naturelles for 14(!) years, so I'm happy to finally get it.
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  6. 9 vies is the one I like the least.

    The production is less dated than on Monkey Me (probably because it is less """""electronic"""" and much more acoustic although that is also what makes it sound slightly cheapish at times) but the melodies are less good and in some songs like La vie coule they are virtually non-existent.

    And here I am waiting for my vinyl.
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Utopie is the best song that showcases her voice. She genuinely has a great voice.
  8. La vie coule is probably the worst song in the album, it didn't really do anything for me.

    As for being "dated", well, I think that was kind of the point of this whole project, no? I mean, it's meant to act as a throwback to a specific sound, I don't think there was really any attempt at being current. It works for me.
  9. Yeah, that has been Laurent's main aim since 2008: "Let's do create something that has 1997 all over it".
  10. ssa


    I'm absolutely in love with this.

    It's the perfect soundtrack for swaying around in my kitchen vaguely pretending to cook, sun getting lower behind the trees.
    I've been listening to it for 3 days straight and I wouldn't be able to name a single new song, which I guess is an issue, but it's so soothing.
  11. XXX


    The album is very ''okay''. '#mesuistrompée' is still my favorite song, followed by 'My Lovely Day' and '9 vies'. The other songs are not memorable but not bad.
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  12. Finally!
  13. Just played this album for the first time....will comment more later but I am getting my life to Mon Héritage, what a brilliant closer for the album. In another world this would be a stadium filler.

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  14. Same
    s.e.x.t.o. is still a bop!
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  15. Luc


    She entered the French Top Albums at #31 !

    (approx. 1900 sales)
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  16. A smash!


    Don't forget to vote for it on the PJ charts as well x
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  17. ssa


    31 isn't half bad?
    I was expecting a much more resounding flop.
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  18. Why is there a volume variation on the album version of SEXTO? The 1st chorus ...
  19. Wait till next week.
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